How To Make an Audio Recording of Your Post

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Making an audio recording of your post is very easy. Adding audio features to your posts makes it more interactive and entertaining to the people with whom you wish to communicate. It gives an assurance that the person who visits your blog or site will certainly notice the matter and message, that you wish to convey through your post. You can add audio messages to your post or blogs in very simple and easy steps. Nowadays many people use Vocaroo which is a free service for creating audio recordings. Installation of any other software is not required when you are using Vocaroo. A microphone is all what you will require for creating the audio recording. For creating an audio recording, navigate your browser to the site and then click on "record". Enable Vocaroo to access your microphone and you can start to talk. Besides that you will be happy to know that Vocarro lets you embed your audio recording anywhere as per your like and requirement.

If you want to download your recording, just go to the bottom of the page and look for the download link. Audio Pal happens to be another free service which helps you to create an audio recording of your post. A recording of your Audio Pal message is possible using your cellular phone or the microphone on your computer. You can even do it by uploading a previous recording. If you are not satisfied with your recording you just have to click rerecord. Once you get the satisfied audio recording, just type in your E-mail ID and the embedded code will be sent to your Inbox very quickly.

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