Email Marketing Tips - How to Boost Your Subscriber List

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1. Make building your list and growing your relationship with it a priority. Email still boasts the best return on investment when it comes to online marketing.

2. Make a conscious effort to understand your subscribers so you can deliver the content and products they want. Track all your links to see what they click, survey them and engage them on your blog.

3. If you start an autoresponder, remember to keep adding more messages so your older subscribers will continue to get more content.

4. Writing a newsletter needn't be a long and cumbersome process. A quick, simple and useful tip is often all your subscribers need.

5. Use a consistent from line and email address when sending email to your list. That way they'll recognize you right away. Use your own name instead of a business name if you want to create a more personal connection.

6. Your subject line is possibly the most important component of your email marketing campaign, but its job is simple. All a subject line needs to do is entice your reader to open your email. Nothing more and nothing less.

7. Use personalization in your emails to grab and keep your subscribers' attention. Whether it's their first names, where they live or what interests them, if you have that data, use it.

8. Have you used your autoresponder's spam check feature lately? Use it to find out how it can help make sure more of your emails get through to your subscribers.

9. A lot of people tell you that you shouldn't just sell to your list. But ask yourself why your subscribers signed up? If they signed up for product updates, give those to them. If they signed up for content, focus on the content.

10. While some people will tell you differently, there is no prescribed best time to send emails to your list. The best thing you can do is test different days and times and learn what works most effectively for you.

11. Is there an email sign up box on every page of your site? If not, fix that now or you're leaking more visitors than you should be.

12. Every mailing list owner should have an opt-in or squeeze page. This is a page dedicated to "selling" the benefit of signing up for your newsletter. Promote this page everywhere you link to your site to turn more visitors into subscribers.

13. Never buy or rent an email list or subscribers. You'll risk spam complaints and likely have a list of completely untargeted prospects that won't respond to your content or offers.

14. Give a free gift or incentive for signing up for your list. Offer a free report, tool or software. Try coupon codes and samples, too.

15. If you're giving away a freebie for signing up for your newsletter, don't hold it hostage. Create instant trust by including the download on the thank you page.

16. Segment your lists into specific areas of interest. You'll get better results by delivering on target content and offers.
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