How to Set Up a Backend Structure For Your Infoproduct

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One proven strategy for marketing success is the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel is simply your blueprint for how to sell your information online. And while every market is varies there is one key strategy which works for most markets and will help you get a very clear idea of your backend structure from the start.

This is how it works:

Draw a funnel on a sheet of paper. Make it big enough so that you can include nformation in it.

The bottom of the funnel is your narrowest point. This is the point where you just draw people into the funnel. You don't speifically have to sell anything at this point and your only purpose is to "atrract them." You can achieve this by offering a free ebook or ecourse and inviting potenital clients to join your mailing list. Anyone who signs up is now in your funnel.

Then next ring in the funnel is your lower end or basic starting point information product. This will be the first product you create and when you create it, it's best to have extra higher end products targetted for the future.

Side Note: If you miss out this required step, you may end up selecting a niche which only allows you to create one product. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but it does mean you need to price that one product according to your goals and be sensible about what you can expect for the future.

Jot down the name of the first product you're creating and the price you will sell it for.

Now move up one ring on your funnel. What follow-up (or backend) product can you sell after your first product? Write the name of the product and price point.

You need to continue to repeat these steps until you get to the top of your funnel. The pont of course, is that your products will get more intricate and more expensive as you go up the funnel - ending up with the highest top-end product or products at the top of the funnel.

Remember that everyone's funnel will be vary and not be the same. A funnel in one market may only include three products and take bigger jumps between products and price points, while a funnel in different market may allow you to create hundreds of products.

Each funnel will vary according to the selected niche market, but a few steps remain certain and to recap they are:

#1 - You must build a funnel structure once you have your first product ready. Make sure you know what products you will be creating in the future, their price points and where you want to end up at the top of your funnel.

#2 - You need to always focus on getting people into the funnel first then sell only once they are in the funnel. What does mean? Get them on your subscriber list and market right information to them.

#3 - And the final step is never jump around or ahead in the funnel. Which basically means that once a possiblecustomer is in the funnel you market the first product, then the second, then the third and so on. It may seem apparent but jumping around and marketing too many different products without a compatible order is an error many marketers make. So avoid it by following your funnel structure and following the plan.

By following this strategy, you can easily set up your back-end structure your infoproduct business from the start.

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