Thinking about Joining Empower Network? Read This First

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So, do you think you're going to pay your $25/month to Empower Network (plus the $19.95 affiliate fee) and just waltz in & start earning big checks?

Think again.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a member of Empower Network, and I think it's the greatest internet marketing opportunity that I have seen in some time. In fact, I recommend to all internet marketers & bloggers that I know.

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However, that being said if you think that you can join Empower Network, and make money without doing anything, then think again! I want to keep it real.

Here is what you have to do if you want to succeed with Empower Network:

1. Blog daily. Once you join Empower Network, you will get your own blog that is ready to do not have to install or configure anything. It's important that you start blogging everyday in order to get traffic & leads to grow your income (you'll learn how once you join).

2. Market daily. You need to find at least one other avenue of driving traffic to your website. If you have a little money to invest, then consider purchasing a solo ad (you'll learn how to do this as well once you join). If you don't have any extra money for marketing, then start writing articles, shooting videos & uploading them to Youtube, etc.

3. Upgrade. If you want to make the big money with Empower Network, then you need to get all the products. However, you can start with just $25 + the affiliate fee (which is what I did), and then as soon as you make money reinvest & upgrade to the higher level. I would encourage you to go ahead & join the Inner Circle as well right away, as there are some invaluable training lessons in that section of the membership.

If you are looking to grow your income online with a simple solution, and are dedicated to following 8 core steps (located in the Empower Network back office), then go ahead & make things happen!

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