Make Money with Kindle : 3 Tips for More Sales

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In order to make money with Kindle you must get sales. So what can you do to guarantee that people buy your book? Here are three tips to ensure that you get more sales from your Kindle Books.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

There is no point in publishing a book that nobody wants to buy. If you are writing non fiction then there is really no excuse for publishing a book with a lack of demand because all of the information that you need to gauge the market is freely available. When you come up with a concept for your book check the category for that book and make sure other similar books are making sales. While it's great to put a unique spin on your book if you are the only person publishing a book on this topic there is a good chance the reason is because nobody wants to buy a book about this subject.

You can also use the free Google Keyword Tool to make sure people are searching for information on this topic. Be careful though, just because people are looking for information does not mean that they will necessarily be willing to pay for that information in the form of a book.

Tip #2: Have a Great Title

The title of you book is one of the most important elements in getting a sale. A really good title can make a book. The Four Hour Work Week is a great example of a book title that sells itself. If you are having trouble making sales and the other elements of your book are OK, consider changing the title and see how this effects sales. One of the good things about Kindle is that making changes is no harder than a click of the button.

Tip #3: Get Your Book on the Best Sellers List

The best sellers list is one of the main ways that people decide which book they are going to buy so getting on these lists can be very important. In order to get on these lists you need to make sales. This is where external promotion comes in. You need to market your book yourself so that you are able to get enough momentum behind your book for Amazons own internal marketing machine to work its magic. If you are having trouble breaking into your categories best seller list take a look at other categories that your book might be able to fit into which would be easier to enter.

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