15 Free Blogs That Allow Affilate Links, Ads and Banners

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I am listing this free blogs that allow affiliate links, ads and banner because I found out first hand that Wordpress.com has becautifu theme free Blogs and free hosting. But they have zero tolerance for any kind of affiliate ads unless you own a mega blog with a traffic flow consisting of zillions of readers.

My miamimommyblogger.wordpress.com blog was suspended for 1 week because of one affiliate banner I pasted to one of my post. It was kind of stupid because I own the domain miamimommyblogger.com but is so darn easy to use these free blogging platforms and they have such awesome themes. Luckily, my blog was restored and I did not lose all my precious data but I learned a lesson. The hard way.

ButI did some research and found numerous free blogging platforms that are not strict about the "little guys making money". So the best solution is to use free blogs that allow banner ad, PPC, promote PTC, or an affiliate link.

Note Blogger allows affiliate ads and of course "Google's Adsense" but I have read horror stories about them deleting blogs for "spam" when they weren't spaming or other violations without any kind of notice. You can appeal it of course (good luck with that!)

Below I listed blogs that are free and allow affiliate links, banners and ads. Blogger is listed but as I stated be very careful with Google's guidelines and make sure to backup your blog.

1. http://www.blogger.com

2. Weebly - Create a free website and a free blog

3. http://www.blogetery.com

4. Blogsome

5. Blogono Free Blogs | Just another WordPress site

6. Default Parallels Plesk Panel Page

7. IdeaFry - Your Source for Quality Articles & Content

8. Blog - Free

9. Bedeng

10. Blog Ireland

11. Website hosting and Wordpress managed hosting - Blogpico Club - Powerful publishing tools - Membership just $5

12. Syncr Ping Service - Sync Your Blog to The World - Free XML-RPC Ping Service -

13. Blog Detik | Building Your Personal Brand

14. http://www.dagdigdug.com


Of course you can transfer you own customs domain to these free blogging sites and their are countless benefits to doing this. One of the main reasons I like free blogs, besides the fact their free, is their website builders are so easy to use a 10 year kid can use it. You don't have to be a techi with tons of HTML, CSS knowledge to use. I have a Wordpress blog with NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO- and every day I have some kind of technical issue for which I have to submit a work ticket.

I read gobs of exceptional reviews about "Weebly" and "Squarespace" and I am going to transfer some of my own custom domains to these two. I checked out Weebly today and they really some gorgeous and unique themes - completely free. You can upgrade for very little and host an unlimited amount of sites or blogs.


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