Article Writing Tips - How to Write Lots of Articles and Still Avoid Burnout

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Article writing is a common money-making strategy on the internet these days. But, it is by no means a best-selling novel with plenty of time on hand to be written. Article writing is fast-paced and requires fast thinking. To earn more money, one needs to write a lot of articles with a quick turnout without compromising the quality. Sometimes, writers just get tired and burned out. Here are a few tips to avoid that dilemma:

1. Pace yourself. There are people who can write 10-20 articles in one sitting. But for most of us, we need to pace ourselves to better write and keep our focus. One way to do that is by spreading your assignments over the course of the day. You can, maybe, write 5 in the morning, 5 after lunch, 5 in the mid-afternoon and 5 in the evening. Now, this is not "the" formula; make up your own depending on what time you are most up for writing.

2. Do not write all articles about the same topic. No matter how much you love the subject, you will eventually get tired if you have to write about the same stuff every day. Change it up once in a while to keep your mind fresh.

3. Work in a relaxed and calm environment. There is nothing more conducive to burnout than stress. It is important that you have a quiet space where you can write. Even when working from home, it is important to have a designated work space that doesn't allow your children or any distractions in.

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