3 Reasons Why Article Marketing is Important For Your Internet Marketing Business

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Article marketing has protected many online businesses from recession. This is a big claim, but lots of people are declaring that article marketing did help them through this hard time. Not only is this effective, it is free, so you have nothing to lose. Just write at least one article a day and you're on your way to success. Here's why article marketing is important for your business:

1. Extend your reach

Articles allow marketers to reach markets all over the world. Delivering good information that provides links back to blogs and websites. Marketers have been known to publish articles that get at least a thousand hits per week. You can't beat that with any other kind of advertising. And the great thing about this is there is no limit on the amount of content that you're allowed to post.

2. Repurposing

When you have been posting articles everyday for a long time, you can compile all your articles and make it into an eBook, tele-seminar, e-courses and audio books. You can either sell it online or allow your readers to distribute it for further promotion. By repurposing it, you are adding even more content to your articles; it makes your articles complete and unified - making for a greater web presence.

3. Ups your expert-ability
Prospects will find you everywhere and see you as the go-to-guy in your niche. Just remember that massive web presence requires hard work and time, it is not created overnight. Being an expert also requires commitment, you have a responsibility to your readers to always submit not only interesting and compelling articles, but also, to submit concise and accurate information every time.

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