4 More Article Marketing Secrets to Get Tidal Waves of Traffic

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Articles, especially for the Internet, are for all purposes useless if people don't read them. Right? Well, not really. More than people actually reading through your content, strictly from an Adsense/page rank perspective, it would be even more critical whether the pages on which the articles are contained, are themselves accessed or not.

To explain, you must have unique visitors to your article webpage, irrespective of whether they actually pour over your entire content, which, in any case is not easy to gauge. To get visitors to your web page, follow the article marketing secrets, finally revealed just for you.

Secret 1: Match your article's topic with the content of your web page

Say if your webpage is on pet food for Chihuahua dogs; ensure that your article also, at least pertains to dog food. That way, the article submission directory to which you submit your article will almost certainly do the search engine optimization on your behalf, without your having to incur any monetary or effort expense. While doing so, of course do ensure that you fulfill all of the article submission criteria, especially in terms of word length, etc.

Secret 2: Submit your article as a .txt file

If you are wondering why so, well the answer lies in the fact that the .txt format does not have any formatting code of its own. Other Word processing software like MS Word does. And that does have a potentially negative affect on your article's listing in the directory, so stick to the .txt format.

Secret 3: Maximize the author resource links

Wherever you see submission directories allowing more than one author resource links, use them. While you could direct one link to your website, you could direct the other to your blog. Another could go to a bunch of articles you wrote for someone else. Significantly, multiple author resource links are most often offered free, so you will not be incurring any additional expenses.

Secret 4: Get Other's Opinions

If you find your article not moving up the page ranks even though you feel you have done a great job on the article, perhaps actually you haven't! Get your friends, relatives and others around to review your article; maybe there is something indeed amiss - the headline is not attractive enough, the paragraphs are not lucid, etc. So, don't be egoistic when it comes to article marketing, and be open to second opinions.

Once you implement the article marketing secrets revealed above, marketing your articles would be an absolute breeze for you!

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