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One question that keeps coming up again and again is people not knowing what information to send to their list/subscribers and how to produce it.

I thought I would share my exact strategy that I have been using for almost 2 years which has worked really well for me.

Hopefully this will help many of you out so that you no longer struggle with knowing how to deliver free content to your subscribers.

(This strategy works in absolutely any niche so it's not just for the IM niche)

1. Have a blog

The main component of this strategy is to have your own blog. Having your own blog online within your niche/market gives you a massive advantage as long as you do things correctly.

You will be using your blog as a "content platform" for your subscribers.

Creating content for your subscribers by putting it on your blog is by far the best use of your time when it comes to creating content for your lists.

The reason is because when you create content for your blog the content is there for everyone else to read as well so not only are you keeping your subscribers happy but you're also generating more traffic and readers to your site at the same time.

2. Create content

You of course need to create lots of content on your blog so that you are able to use it as a "content platform" for your subscribers. Just remember, nothing gets built overnight. Just focus on 1 post at a time and progress from there and before you know it you will have lots of great content that you can leverage.

3. Broadcast to your list

When you're creating new posts for your blog you can leverage these posts and send your subscribers to them after you have published them. But only send your subscribers to them if the content is relevant.

If you have created a blog post on how to build a list it's no good you emailing segments of your list which are interested in making money with adsense.

Doing this keeps your subscribers happy because on a regular basis you are giving them lots of juicy content and the best thing is they can refer back to the content when ever they want as well.

4. Upload posts to follow up emails

As you start to create more and more content you can start to create follow ups where you simply just send your subscriber back to your blog to read the full post.

By doing this you are saving a tonne of time while leveraging your content so it can get socially shared generating you more traffic back to your blog (building you more subscribers) while at the same time keeping your subscribers happy and responsive.

Benefits of using this strategy Vs Creating all your follow up content in emails

  • You can generate lots more traffic back to your blog whenever you send out a broadcast
  • If you sell products or services from your blog then every time you send broadcasts out you can make more sales and sell more products
  • Leverages your hard work and time
  • Builds more trust with your subscribers which in turn makes them more responsive which means more people opening your emails which means you make more sales on promotions or when selling your own products
  • You stand a better chance of getting your blog posts shared much more by sending your subscribers to them in order to get the ball rolling.
  • You're able to create lots of extra follow up emails within your auto-responder where you can send subscribers to quality content
  • You have the ability to get more comments on your blog. The more comments you get the more chance you will have of getting more comments because no one likes to be the first to post :-)

This is pretty much how it all works.

I have always been one making the best use of my content and time so by creating content for a blog you can then use it to generate more traffic to your blog building your list bigger and the snowball continues.

When you create a quality article and upload it into your follow up sequence you are not leveraging that article to get more traffic if the only place you have it is in your follow sequence.

Taking everything above into consideration I do still have some emails that go out where I don't send people back to my blog. This may happen if you are soft selling something within the email so you of course don't want to be sending people elsewhere.

I hope this has helped some of you out when it comes to creating content for your subscribers. I have been using this process for almost 2 years and it works like a charm :-)

The best thing is, the more traffic you build the more people you are able to send back to your blog. The more people you are able to send back to your blog the more comments you get and the more your content gets shared creating you more traffic.

This has the snowball effect and is a solid way to help you build your business :-)

Paul :-)
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