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List Building Strategies, Tips, and even Software can be found in mass on the Warrior Forum and other popular internet marketing sites. However, if you are either struggling from information overload or need a new strategy or approach to list building, you may find this article very enlightening

So most list building strategies are simple. Go grab some PLR rights or some type of free product you can solicit for someone to obtain in exchange for an opt-in to your list. This is the basic tips that most anyone will respond to if you ask how to get started. Don't get me wrong, this technique will work. You'll have to find some avenues on how to create a squeeze page or pay someone to do it for you. You'll also need a opt-in page manager (such as AWeber or Get Response) unless you want to somehow manage on your own. However, if you have already exhausted this list building strategy or just don't want to go down this road then you might want to consider trying List Hijack.

List Hijack is a unique piece of free list building software that will automatically create a unique squeeze page for you with a proven design that converts. This List Building Software works by when you actually sign up for List Hijack, which you can do just be submitting your email address, it gives you a unique URL you can share with others. As people sign up off that URL they'll be added to your AWeber or Get Response list. You can then market to this list, share with others for more opt-ins, or sell the list for a good sizeable amount. Wait a second, how do they get added to your AWeber or Get Response list? Well once you sign up for List Hijack there is a members area you an log into and then you can put in your AWeber or Get Response list information and it automatically links up between List Hijack and either AWeber or Get Response.

It's that easy to do!

Now that you have a proven squeeze page, free software to advertise for opt-in, and a simple URL to share you can start list building in many different ways. Simply write articles on list building tips or ideas and share your List Hijack URL in the article. You can add it to your signature in forums. You can purchase solo ads off Warrior Forum or other reputable sources and share your List Hijack URL in that ad. Many different ways you can now get people to sign up for List Hjack under your unique URL and thus build your list.

If this isn't cool enough, there are even more features and even ways you can make commissions off users signing up for List Hijack while you are also building your list. If you upgrade to List Hijack PRO, then you can make a commission off others signing up for List Hijack PRO. Wait, why would someone want to upgrade to List Hijack PRO and how much does it cost? Well simply the same reason you would upgrade to List Hijack Pro, because you can make a commission off others signing up. When someone signs up for List Hijack, they are given the opportunity then to upgrade to PRO or in their members area they'll be given a banner link to upgrade to PRO. You or anyone else can upgrade at anytime. Then as others upgrade that signed up in your list, you get a large percentage of their upgrade price. The PRO upgrade price is changing, but for an annual membership to PRO I believe it's $97 at the time of this writing.

Ok so let me recap to this point. You are looking for new fresh list building tips, free software, and even new strategies you can utilize for list building purposes. List Hijack gives you a free URL with a free squeeze page you can send traffic to and build your list. So there's your free software. List Hijack also gives you a new strategy to make money off your list by you upgrading to PRO and as others sign up to List Hijack and upgrade to PRO you get a commission. Now here is where I'm really going to blow you away and why List Hijack is the coolest new Internet Marketing idea to come along in 2013. The power of List Hijack lies in the exponential growth theory.

Exponential Growth within List Hijack works like this. When you sign up for List Hijack and sign up others, the first 3 referrals that sign up under your URL are sent to the person that referred you to List Hijack. By doing this, as you sign up people, and then they sign up people they send their first 3 referrals to you. So in other words, you sign up 10 people. Each of them sign up 10 people. You get 37 people total on your list (your original 10 minus the first 3 = 7, then each of your 10 referrals give you their first 3 each = 30, 30+7=37). See how powerful that is? You only signed up 10 people but ended up with 37 on your list. Pretty neat idea. This exponential growth also works with the PRO upgrade, so as others refer people to List Hijack that upgrade to PRO you also get up to 3 of their commissions. So in our example, you could end up with 37 PRO commissions off of those 10 people. Well if the commission rate was 50% and the price was $97 for PRO, you'll make $48.50 off each one (plus 37 x 48.50....equals almost $1,800!!!). So you aren't only building a huge list easier then ever before but also making some great commissions off it easier then ever before. It's a win win for everyone involved.

Sign up for List Hijack now by going here: List Hijack

This article didn't even get into List Hijack AUTOPILOT which allows your list to grow on autopilot with no input from you. I also didn't tell you about List Hijack ELITE which is kinda like PRO but with even larger commission rates. Also, did I tell you by signing up for List Hijack you gain access to free software and discounts on other free Internet Marketing systems? So there is even more to List Hijack then what is covered in this article. Once you signup, review your membership guides to understand all of what List Hjack can do for you and give you even more list building tips.

I hope this article has given you everything I promised in the beginning. List Building tips, List building strategies, and a link to free list building software you can start utilizing today.
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