How to Design Your Future

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To design your future, create a picture of what that future looks like.

Then live your future today.

You see, I find that most people (including me) spend too much time trying to do what it takes to get their life from where it is now to where they want it to be in the future.

But instead, I find that when I simply LIVE the future I want to live in the future, NOW, in the best way I can live that future today, I can be so much more productive.

For example, take this article.

I have 25,000 + articles over at ezinearticles.

I have probably hundreds in other places.

I'm writing this this morning, after I recorded a video for youtube.

I'm living my future.

My future plan is to have many more articles and videos.

So instead of creating big plans on how to get there . . . I just do it now.

I want 5 pieces of content a day, for example . . . so today I create 5 pieces of content, for example.

I'm living my future . . . and in doing that, I bring the future to me now, instead of waiting for it . . .

Instead of plotting, planning, etc. - I can simply live today what I want to be real tomorrow, and in that way make it real.

If you want more depth about designing your future, read this: How to Design Your Future
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