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What are the best ways to build your email marketing lists? Are there websites you can buy lists for your niche?
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    Never buy a list! It's just a headache waiting to happen.

    There are many different ways to build a list. Do you have a website or anything like that?
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        Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

        Yes I have a website it is
        I am looking to get a larger email marketing list.
        Serious question, what AREN'T you looking to do?

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    The best way to build a list of email subscribers is to offer unparalleled blog content. This serves as a way to bring people into your site as well as an incentive to subscribe (to receive future content updates and/or exclusive content).

    While content may take you some time to develop, but it's worth it. Once complete, be sure to add multiple call-outs for email subscription on your blog, including a sidebar form, lightbox popup, and even in-line forms.

    You should also limit the amount of information necessary to sign up. A name and email address should be all that you need to get started.
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    Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

    What are the best ways to build your email marketing lists? Are there websites you can buy lists for your niche?
    What will you be promoting?

    Most users will tell you never to buy a list. However, I have little doubt that most read such and then preach it as it is the truth.Or they tried it and didn't know how to do it correctly and failed.

    I've been buying data for over 17 years and built a large data monetization business from it. However, it's not for everyone and in many cases, your likely much better off building an opt-in list using mainstream methods.

    One note: in most cases your not buying a list in the sense that someone previously owned / mailed it and is now selling it. Most companies aggregate data from many sources and then resell it. In which case you are basically buying cold email leads.

    Which there is more to it than just buying data and sending. However, done right and promoting the right / relevant offers it can be extremely profitable.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
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    I wouldn't advise to write blog content in articles.

    Better to create a YTube video channel. Videos are consumed much better than words these days.
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    I agree, i built most of my list from youtube. provide valuable content and people will optin to your list.
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    Yeah, like Chris said above, never buy a list. Build your own by offering free but valuable content, videos, ebooks, whatever, but make it sincere and actually helpful to the reader. They will want to be on your list because they will trust what you say and hopefully look forward to getting your emails. You can do this also by offering coupons, or other things to save them money. Give them exclusive content, like checklists, lists of things to do or better, things they should make sure they're not doing in order to succeed at whatever your customer's goals are. General information applies to about any type of business. I would try a few things and test to see what works for you best.
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    I suggest building your list on your own than buying a list. Building your list organically is the best thing to do. You can build it by posting valuable content regularly, posting videos and other stuff. Engage with your audience on social media. You can put email registration forms on every page of your site too. Be active in blogs and forums. You can also encourage customers with coupons and deals.

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    Has anyone heard of Are they trustworthy? Has anyone bought an email lists before? What are the most reputable companies to buy email lists from? My main market are Auto, truck, and motorcycle enthusiasts.
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