How to choose/hire internet marketer?

by pbor
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We are brand new virtual (cloud) bookeeping firm. We will need to reach small business owners across the US. So, I am more of a bookeper than marketer so I am thinking of hiring one. How do you choose one? What to expect, what to look for? What kind of services will we need? What a reasonable budget would be? Thanks a lot! Any information would be helpful!
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    I like to find them on fiverr.
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    Hi pbor,

    First of all, welcome to WF.

    Now onto business.

    I'll number my answers. Will make it easier for me to lay down my thoughts.

    1. Where to hire?

    We have a marketplace for this on WF.

    Wanted - Members Looking to Hire You.

    2. What services will you need?

    It sounds like you need 2 general types of service:

    - Offline Marketing.
    - Online Marketing.

    To break those services down further:

    - You need to ensure your online infrastructure is optimized for marketing.

    - You need to reverse-engineer your competition.

    - You need to establish a combination of content marketing and paid marketing.

    - You need to reach out, directly, to offline business.

    Those are the broad strokes.

    You effectively need either one person who can manage the operation or a group of people with specialisms in areas like web development, offline marketing, social media marketing, and so forth.

    3. What to Expect?

    99% of candidates will do a poor job. That's what you should expect.

    What you want is one or more people willing and able to provide ongoing service at least 5 days a week.

    You need to begin with a thorough marketing plan. This is your operational blueprint for the proposed marketing operation.

    It needs to be based not on theory, but on solid facts; which is where reverse-engineering comes in.

    The aim is not to reinvent the wheel. The aim is to use what is already working in the market for virtual bookkeeping firms.

    4. How to Choose?

    - Established and relevant reputation.
    - References.
    - Sufficient time for the job.
    - Relevant experience.

    5. How much to Pay?

    This is hard to give you a precise figure; too many unknown variables at this stage. The typical structure would be an hourly fee. On WF, however, you'll find weekly and monthly and one-off structures are more prevalent.

    The first person that springs to mind is one of our own Warriors: Jason Kanigan. But please don't take my word for it, since Jason is a friend. Have a look at his business, take a look at his posts on WF, and apply my selection advice above.

    I coach marketing to people who wish to learn marketing and run their own businesses. A chap like Jason functions (I think) in a manner that's more about consulting and managing. I teach. Jason seems more suitable in your case. Personally, if I was to hire someone myself, it would be Kanigan. If he was available.

    As I say, though, do look around. Don't dive in. And remember - 99% of applicants/ candidates will not be suitable.



    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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      Thank you so much, Tom. That's a lot of useful information, thanks again for your time.

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    I find heaps on upwork, but Mr. Addams here has just had a full detail of it. I sums up everything you should know.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    If you're unsure of how to find, hire and manage an internet marketer, you can go to Replacemyself. It has a webinar loaded with lots of information and you can even have access to Onlinejobs where there are over 250, 000 resumes to choose from.
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    A considerable lot of the greatest web based promoting organizations have just a modest bunch of best computerized advertisers working for them, and after they have many junior online advertisers dealing with the customer stack, and communicate the senior expertise for choose/hire internet marketer.
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    In the present atmosphere with so many people claiming to knowing what they are doing and nto being able to do anything at all I would suggest above everything else you start with giving whoever you choose a small job.

    let them prove they can work in your niche effectively.

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    Best place to look for internet marketer would be UpWork

    Just make sure when you list what you want done you write down the word Expert after it

    for example Looking for internet marketing expert for.....(this type of business)

    And also make sure you spell out exactly what you want them to do,

    One excellent thing about upwork is that every provider has a history of jobs they have done and how well they did them and I recommend you only choose providers with the highest and best reviews

    I have found several different providers who have done excellent work and I still work with some of them on an ongoing basis.

    One more thing you will save money if you hire the provider on a fixed price basis rather than on hourly basis... at least for me that has worked the best.
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    Mr. Tom Addams already gave you quite the detailed answer already, so I'd just like to wish you luck with your firm. I usually prefer hiring from the Philippines because I've generally had good experiences with the freelancers there. Plus they're relatively cheap, but I always have to be careful with who I hire. I like it when I get more than my money's worth in when it comes to output.
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    There are two things you need to find in an internet marketer. First, test their theoretical knowledge by checking the different aspects of the SEO and Google algorithms if you are testing for SEO. Second, ask them for the real results they have recently achieved and not in the far distant future since some people tend to show others' results.
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    For having best internet marketer we should search for the persons having theortical as well as practical knowledge .He should be having latest up to date knowledge . Now a days upwork is trending for finding internet marketers .There are other freelancer sites which are available for finding internet marketers
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