What steps are you taking to improve sales conversions?

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Online Concert Ticket Sales for Local Events
Good afternoon. If folks would be so kind as to lend us a hand, we'd greatly appreciate it. Sharon and Bob.
  • We are county-level concert promoters bringing national and/or regional music and comedy acts to an underserved region of Maryland, U.S.A..
  • We utilize advertise via traditional means (print media and billboard) as well as modern means (Facebook postings, event listings and boosts, some Twitter and some Instagram, and companion sites such as Bandsintown and the like). Radio and Television are not options in our region.
  • We use a standard web page [www.ceciltixx.com] for content with links to Eventbrite pages for ticket purchasing.
All of the methods we have utilized have driven - in our view - a strong amount of traffic to both the home page and thru to the Eventbrite pages. Surely, we can do better on this - targeting-wise specifically. The issue, however, is how many of our visitors are not purchasing. We have been trying to catch up on this since it came as a surprise to us. We knew that some would visit the Eventbrite pages and change their minds but we are closing at about 6% across the four events as compared to hundreds of visits to the Eventbrite pages let alone those who just came to the main page so far.

How do we combat this issue so that our conversions may increase?
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  • You offer has to resonate with your target audience. You will have to split test your offer, to see which pages are actually converting better than others.

    Once you have established which of your sales pages is bringing in the bulk of the 6% conversion rate, then improve the sales copy of the pages that isn't performing.
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    To begin with I must tell you that 6% conversion rate is not bad..

    Now, for getting more conversions, you could do two things:

    1. Do targeted promotions: Promote only the relevant products to the relevant audience. Drive only traffic who are interested in your events. A good ad medium for you would be facebook and instagram. You can drive immense traffic from instagram. Believe me, it's hot these days.

    2. Drive more volume. If you are getting 6% conversions, drive 10000 people to click your website than the previous 1000. See how this affects your numbers.

    All the Best!

    Let me know what happens!

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