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Accidentally deleted some of the files and folders from my hard disk. And, unfortunately at that time I don't have any backup at that time. Is there any possible way to get them back.
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    Find them in your trash folder or ask for professional help.
    If you want to DIY, be sure you know the risk in advance.
    Suggestion: Recuva, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.
    Good luck!
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    Most likely you will need to use some form of data recovery, a professional service but in my opinion it may all be lost .
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    Hey There,

    You can go to the control panel, and try to restore your pc to a previous version.
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    As others have said, if they were simply accidentally deleted, they'd still be in your recycle bin unless, of course, you then deleted everything in your recycle bin.

    Restoring your computer to a previous time MAY bring back deleted files or folders if they were backed up with restore points - Recover lost or deleted files

    Download and install data recovery software which MAY help you recover files and folders. I can't remember what I bought once in the past that helped me recover a bunch of stuff that I had "permanently" deleted but it worked somewhat. I did not get back everything because some of the data on the hard drive had been overwritten but I got a bunch of it back. It all comes down to how long ago it was lost and what you have done on the computer since then that might have written over the data on the hard drive.
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    That was a month ago, folks.

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    1. Stop using the drive immediately. If it's an OS drive, shut down as soon as possible.
    2. Use another OS to run some deleted file recovery tool, it'll take some time.

    Many people miss the first step. If you install a file recovery tool on the drive that had the deleted data, the installation process may write over the delete files sectors, and they'll become corrupted or forever lost.
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    you can recover them from your hard disk with Bitwar Data Recovery. it is useful and can recover lost or deleted files from storage devices, such as hard disk drive, external hard drive, USB drive, SD cards, XD cards, and so on. From these devices, you can recover audios, videos, pictures, archives and documents. Whether you deleted these files, or lost them due to virus attacks or accidental formatting, you can still have them back by using this software.
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