What are the best ways to promote a new blog?

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Hi there,

What's the best way to start gaining exposure for my new blog?

It's a financial blog (andrewkyriacou.tips), and I'd like to grow a following, but I don't have a ton of time to put into the marketing of the blog.

Can anyone suggest a simply strategy that I could follow, OR reputable firms that handle the marketing of a blog like mine?

Thank you.
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    Share your blog posts on social network sites. Do some guest posts on other relevant blogs. Connect with other bloggers in your niche. Do blog commenting, etc. This will help you to drive good amount of traffic to your blog.
    Techbizmasters.com- Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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    Well, you need to share your blog on multiple social platforms that will help you to increase the volume of the visitors on your blog. You must have quality content and engaging so the people can attract. Find your target audience and share with them through different ways like forums you can suggest guests post, forum posting., or blog commenting and so on. It will help you to divert a vast amount of traffic to your blog.
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    Share your Blog link on social networking definitely it will help you for gain quality traffic, otherwise you can share you blog content to the third party blog sites
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    Here is the step-by-step method to drive traffic on blog:

    1. Select the target audience- First thing is you have to know that who your target audience is. Its the basic step but you can't ignore it.
    2. Choose your social media channels
    3. Influencers marketing- Build relationship with influencers. Make them friends. Be their followers. They will notice you. They will follow you.
    4. Use images in your content- A picture is worth a thousand words.
    5. Start guest posting in high domain authority sites according to your niche.

    Getting traffic is one of the hardest things in the online industry. But once you know the basics, it's easy.

    Hope this will help you.
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    Post to Twitter
    Post to Facebook
    Post to G+
    Comment on a bunch of commentluv blogs so people can see your recent post
    Submit it to blog voting sites like http://Bizsugar.com or http://blogengage.com or Hacker News
    Deep link to other bloggers posts so they will be sent trackback notifications, getting them to your site might get it mentioned elsewhere - engaging with other bloggers is the best way to get your content promoted.
    Mention other people and products in your post and send out tweets letting them know they were mentioned.
    Get guest bloggers who will often promote the post to their audience (ex / current journalists have a healthy audience)
    Send an email newsletter to your list with a personalised intro and a link to the blog post (I use MailChimp it's great).
    Go into forums that are are active in and look for threads that your post relates to, if rules permit reply with a link to the post.
    Update your forum signature every time you release a new post.
    Use WiseStamp so your email signature always shows your latest post.
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    It's the same way you would promote any new business. If your blog was a brick and mortar business or a physical newspaper, how would you promote it?

    Probably, you would network with other related businesses and ask them to spread the word. You might advertise. You might place someone in a high traffic area with breadboards, attracting attention from passersby. You might provide a product or service for free to businesses that help you get the word out.

    Of course, it is not a physical business but very similar methods exist on the internet. The things that have already been mentioned are the internet version of those same things (i.e. social posting, networking with influencers, providing a free guest post on high traffic related blogs, etc.).

    And, you'll need to earn backlinks to that blog from related websites. One place you can definitely use to get those links is HARO (Help A Reporter Out). Practically every day there are multiple reporters looking for people to quote on financial matters. Most of the time, they provide a link to your website in exchange for your contribution to their articles. Those links not only will help your blog rank better, but they may very well be an excellent source of exposure and traffic.
    StoreCoach.com - FREE TRAINING - Learn How to Build Your Own eCommerce Website
    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox Business News, the NY Times & Flippa
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    At the outset you need to create social media accounts for your blog on all the following networks:

    * Instagram
    * YouTube
    * Facebook
    * Twitter

    Include backlinks to your site in your profile on these.

    Then draw up a list of all the most influential people in your niche/industry. Make a list of all their social media accounts. Also make a list of all the most popular hashtags associated with your niche.

    Come up with a posting schedule that is regular and realistic to post quality content on all these platforms - independent on what you promote on your blog.

    When you post, tag the influencers in your niche so they will see it and possibly share it. Add the hashtags to all your posts - but make sure to vary these.

    Spend time commenting on social media posts belonging to these influencers as well as other people posting using these hashtags - make a name for yourself in your market.

    Once you've done that, make a list of all the most important forums in your niche and Facebook groups. Sign up to these and become a regular contributor.

    In the meantime keep publishing quality content on your blog and occassionally, share these blog posts on your social media posts, forums, facebook groups etc... using all the relevant gags as listed above.

    You should start to get a sizeable social media following.

    Proceed to reach out to influencers in your sector and ask them to guest post on your blog - guest post on tehre's also. This will gain you access to their readers/subscribers/fans/followers.

    This is just a start and something everyone implementing social media marketing should take note of

    Good luck
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    share your blog url to social media platforms and also do some keyword research. You can also ping your url to blog ping sites. like pingly
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    Hi Andrew,

    - meet the specific needs of your readers via all posts
    - comment genuinely on top financial blogs
    - promote bloggers from your niche on your blog and via social media
    - broadcast live on Facebook
    - run a podcast
    - upload videos to YouTube
    - build bonds with top bloggers (thru comments and promoting them) to gain guest post invites for top blogs in your niche
    - answer questions on forums
    - help people help people help people help people

    Traffic responds to service. Keep giving without expectation, patiently and persistently. Your traffic will grow.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Well you get a lot of advices here but i would sugest you also to create more content as it will get you more traffic

    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in paid user sigs

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    hi buddy there is many ways and they are superb simple- instagram facebook and google groups
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    First of all get your blog loaded with information. noting selling. The go to facebook start a page related to your blog load that as well . Friend 40 people every day then give advise after you engage with people interested in your product

    You can use target marketing even forums Use facebook make a simple page. takes. No time at all. Load it out with information. then target advertise on facebook link. your website to your page. that will help.
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    I would contact bloggers from your industry and ask them to promote your content. In exchange, you can do the same for them.
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    Guest posts are your best bet. Stay away from PBNs!
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    I would like to suggest you use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you have the budget for paid advertising then you may try that as well using these social media, maybe a small amount and then figure out if it is really working for you. Always remember, failure will give you the lesson to make improvements. So, it's the wise idea to at least start instead of thinking what to do.

    Robert M.
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  • Since you do not have much time to promote, the only way to go is paid traffic. The easiest way is to create a FB fan page, post your articles and boost the post to get more exposure.
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    Share your blog to facebook, twitter, google plus etc., very easy..
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    The things suggested by everyone in the forum are priceless, real gem in promotion of any blog. I would like to add few things

    1. Go to Google and type keyword ( search term) you will see Google suggest pick some long tail terms from the list use these in your blog content and try to make title of your blog post around these long tail terms suggested by Google.

    2. Make sure you have all technical things fixed on your blog which include but limited to

    a. Speed of webpage
    b. Use of Meta tags
    c. Internal linking of blogposts

    3. Social network and links are important as suggest by other respected members.

    Things will you in building traffic and gaining authority for some of good terms.
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    Just looked at your blog. If you are targeting high net worth individuals (on your site you wrote "high net individuals") then you really need to up your game on the content.

    You wrote the blog "5 ways to Save for your future" and you detail IRA, 401Ks, HSAs, 529s and long term holdings for stocks. Are you kidding me? This is not for high net worth investors. This is targeted for the middle class financially ignorant audience. High net worth investors look for tax advantaged cash flowing assets so that as they move towards the future, they make money the on the way. Real estate passive income eliminates taxes via depreciation - i.e. you don't pay tax on your current income. Sure when you sell the property the depreciation lowers your acquisition base, but because you are a high net worth individual you know that via a 1031 you can move the property into another purchase tax free. Oh, and from an estate planning perspective, when you die, the asset base is reset to the current market value and your kids won't have to pay any taxes if they choose to sell the property. No high net worth individual puts money in an IRA or 401K.

    btw - don't take me for a real estate fanatic, that was an example. For example, Oil and Gas investments (not stocks) have terrific tax benefits and tremendous cash flows for many years (20+). The goal is, when my future arrives... I will be cashing flowing from multiple cash advantaged assets and not "hoping" the stock market keeps going up!

    Your next article "Why you must start saving for your children" is just as absurd. If you are a financial guy, then discuss the tax side of things. You can gift cash to your children so that the tax event lands with them. Since they will have a lower tax rate (if anything at all), you save on your taxes and the the child receives a savings. 529s are costly, you have no control over the investment and can only be used an education otherwise there are tax implications. Additionally, if I am a high net worth individual I probably have a business. Again, employing a child is a great way to provide them with a growing bank account in a tax advantaged way. Finally, I wouldn't even put money in a back account - for what - 1%? There are many other options out there.

    You can thank me for an introduction to the top of high net work investing. I barely, barely scratched the surface.

    The key takeaway is significantly improve your content.
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    Work on SEO for Proper way , these activity is most.
    1. Social Bookmarking(in top websites)
    2. Article Submission
    3. PDF Submission
    4. Forum Posting
    5. Question & Answering
    6. Image Optimazation
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    I think everyone's nailed down all it takes to get your blog out there!

    Just wanted to add the following: always add value to your readers

    Readers who close your website window thinking they've learned so much from you in a short span of time will likely subscribe to your newsletter and want to hear or read more of your thoughts.

    You achieve this result if you have data-backed content in your blog. It's nice to have it written as personal and sometimes subjective, but having an in-depth study that showcases your capability as a financial expert discussing relevant matters gives them insight about who you are and your brand.

    We always used the Internet to find and learn about new things that add value to our lives. Therefore, by this principle, you'll find your blog growing more than you ever thought possible.
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    Do Social Book Marking is the best way to promote your Blog but post in High Domain Authority sites.
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    Some tips for you to look at!

    Guest Blog: One of the fastest ways to grow your blog is by writing for other people's blogs;
    Comment on Other Blogs:
    Feature Other Bloggers in Your Articles and Ask them to Share
    Do "Expert Roundups" and Get Featured Experts to Share (I tried this method recently)
    Run a Blogging Contest
    Include Social Share Buttons on Your Blog:
    LinkedIn Groups
    Ask Podcasts to Interview You
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  • Much like everyone already said, I would definitely suggest you share your blog content on social media as well as making sure your optimizing for search engines!
    Look around to see how blogs that produce similar content to yours are showing up on google and what people search for and optimize your content (make sure it's relevant and useful for potential followers!) and keywords - there's a lot of information on how to do it around, like Neil Patel's blog for example.
    Also, try to find out where your target audience is so as to find the best channels through which to reach them, whether it be Facebook groups or Twitter. Look for some communities on the topic as well that may benefit from what you are sharing.

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    Social sharing, relavant blog commenting and email reach out is good way to generate quality traffic..
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    Best Ways to Promote Your New blog

    Stop Tweaking Your Site
    Create Your Pillar Posts (And ONLY Your Pillar Posts)
    Just Say No To Ads (And Do This Instead)
    Find The Players In The Market
    Be The Guest Expert (Both In and Out Of The Box, guest posts)
    Commenting (Smartly)
    Acknowledging People
    Utilize the Control of Paid Media
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    The best way to promote blog post is to use internal employees to share.
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    Hi There,

    We will breeze you through some tips that can help your blog gain more visibility, engagement, traction and hence traffic but before we proceed further, you need to accept a little costing and some time as parts promoting your blog.

    1. Out-linking:
    Link the content of your blog to reputable websites which in turn will make your readers trust your content.

    2. Promotion on Social Media (Paid as well):
    It is requisite that you extensively promote you blog on various social platforms.

    3. Guest Blogging:
    One of the fastest ways to grow your blog is by writing guest posts for other people's blogs in the same niche.

    4. Optimisation of Blog (SEO):
    SEO is an important subject which can not be ignored when it comes to blogging. At the same time, you don't have to be an SEO expert; you would need only the basic understanding of SEO.

    5. Commenting On Other Blogs and Forums:
    Posting comments on highly authoritative blogs can get you lots of traffic. Identify the top blogs in your niche and start interacting.

    6.Feature/Interview Influencers and Owners of Popular Forums
    Compile a list of the biggest forum owners and influencers in your niche and interview them, you can also mention them in yout post; if possible, get them to participate in a round up post on your blog.

    7. Cross-Promotion with Other Bloggers:
    Find a blogger with similar audience to yours and see if you can do a shout out exchange.

    8. Pursue Media Syndication Opportunities:
    Many top blogs and networks will allow you to republish your content on their site with credit back to you

    9. Start a Podcast:
    Podcasts are quickly becoming the best way people consume content, because it makes it easy to consume content

    10. Leverage User Generated Content:
    Forums, comments and other types of user-generated content can be big wins for your blog

    11. Keyword Research Strategy:
    Incorporating a keyword research strategy into your content marketing strategy will go a long way to boost traffic to your blog.
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    Andrew - just revisited your site. Nice market commentary - you are connecting the interest rate increases to the market volatility and placing your clients in short duration bonds makes sense. You HNWI blog needs work. If you define a HNWI as an individual that makes more than $1m per year, then using a 401K is pretty useless right? They can shelter what, $18K? You should mention that if they are self-employed that they can use a SEP which allows for higher contributions. Also, I know you are in the stocks and bonds space, but you should really discuss real estate, opportunity zone, oil and gas etc... has tax beneficial instruments. You clients will like you more! Anyway - this will be my last comment as this is probably pretty dry for most of the board. Just figured that I would give a little direction.
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    if you do not have the time to promote your own content why bother with it ? I think that you should make it a priority to start documenting YOUR owncontent . It is vital to the survival of you marketing efforts. And what makes you think that you are better off allowing a company to promote your content ? Do you think that you will get a better ROI ?

    You can promote your content on twitter you-tube or even test out Facebook groups that are related to your groups. You can also use Facebook ads to boost a few of your post too.

    Try it out and see how these methods work out .
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    Thanks everyone for sharing
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    If you have some existing social awareness, like social groups, public pages, reputated forum profiles... etc, those are great places to start promotion.
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    It never hurts to do a press release... They still work.
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    Share your blog posts to social media, traffic exchangers, safelist, seo (ping blog posts) etc.,
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    If you want to have more traffic for your blog, I highly recommend you to use Pinterest and Reddit platform.
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    Your first Priority should be on the relevant topic to the name of blog and content should be unique, efficient and in user friendly wording.
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  • To promote a new blog you can share the blog on famous social bookmarking sites. Furthermore, Never forget to share on various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus)
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    You can promote your blog through a few methods. One way is if you build a list you can do email marketing. Email your subscribers with any new blog posts that you put up to keep them informed of new updates.

    SEO is another option which will require you to build backlinks to your websites and do keyword research for the words you wish to rank for.

    Paid ads are a quick way to promote a blog. Google Ads, Bing Ads, FB ads, and YouTube ads. If you do this method instead of promoting a specific blog post you should get your subscribers to opt in to your email list.

    Guest post on similar niche blogs. Offer valuable content.

    Blog comment on related blogs with useful information. Put a link back to your blog.

    Post on forums related to your niche and include an email signature.

    These are some ideas to get you going.
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    I'm listing out below some ways which worked for me

    1.Don't create very high quality content rather write content which helps your users.
    2.Focus more on promotion of content rather content generation divide your time in 80:20 ratio
    3.Fix all the onsite issues
    4.Speed of website on mobile devices.
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    I have found the best way at the beginning is to make sure your blog is SEO optimized using a plugin like YoastSEO.

    Also, blog commenting on huge blogs in your niche on their newest posts works incredibly well.
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    Originally Posted by AndrewKyriacou View Post

    Hi there,

    What's the best way to start gaining exposure for my new blog?

    It's a financial blog (andrewkyriacou.tips), and I'd like to grow a following, but I don't have a ton of time to put into the marketing of the blog.

    Can anyone suggest a simply strategy that I could follow, OR reputable firms that handle the marketing of a blog like mine?

    Thank you.

    Bottom line Andrew you have only begun.. your 3 months in.. you have been a finacial advisor for 20+ years? what did the first 3 months look like? the first 3 years?

    I read an articel or 2.. ok I lied.. i read parts of an article or 2.. Ill be blunt.. you are a company guy looking for clients. you are writing about NOW topics... The story at hand is not about the BULL market today.. its what the hell are you going to do and what can you do now for the recession that HISTORICLY is coming? CONTENT that is WORTH reading - CONTENT that is worthy of a top 100 whatever and 5 time winner of whatever else award.

    No doubt in my mind your a bad ass at what you do... but like financial investing playing a short game and wanting results today is a shaky path at best. you need to stratagize the long term investment in this project and understand that 2 and 3 years of CONSISTANT 3 to 4 times a week publishing if not DAILY is the work that is needed to get what it is you want out of this.

    Might I suggest looking up Gary Vaynerchuck... they last few months he has been on a kick on just this very idea of work and effort over time and how that equates to results.

    A bit closer to home ( the warrior forum ) try looking at this: https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...bscribers.html Mick is putting in the work, and showing the results. Strong strong stuff

    Best of luck to you man!
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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  • Promote with other blogs. You will get highly targeted traffic I suggest to try BlogAds.

    Hope that helps

    Welcome to the most powerful online marketing academy!

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    To promote a new blog you should crawl it on webmaster so that it is indexed.Hope it works!
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    To promote new blog use social media platform. Do social bookmarking in high do follow sites
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    Get perfect knowledge of your ideal user.
    Grow your social network for perfect reach.
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    I started by posting links to relevant LinkedIn groups and offering free downloads in exchange for an email address. Grew from there. 20K page views a month now.
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    Blogging takes a while to build traffic but if you consistantly post most days and share them on social media you will eventually start getting good targeted traffic

    Get FREE access to 18 Video Tutorials about the best ways to Market on FB
    Join my Free Online Marketing Training Group to access the video tutorials

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  • Profile picture of the author Ankush Mittal
    With this method you will be able to get literally thousands of visitors overnight.

    The first step go to buzzsumo and search for your keyword on which you have written the blog.

    After the search you will see popular blogs related to that keyword.

    Now after that click view shares there.

    And you will find the people who have shared that article.

    Now you will see some of people over there are having huge audience.

    So now you simply need to email to that guy and tell them:

    Hey John

    I saw that you shared __ article.

    The article didn't covered __ things and i have covered these things feel free to check it out here.


    P.s. if you will share that article that will make my day.

    When you will do this you will found that more than 50% of the people are going to agree with you and they are going to share your article.

    and you will get the instant exposure to their audience overnight.

    you might be wondering how can I get their email.

    although there are a lot of ways you can also search it on Google but one of the best ways I have found to get the email is through linkeidin.

    Remember it's a number game the more you are going to email to people the more you will get shares.
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  • Profile picture of the author GDIIT

    There are a number of things you can start with to get traffic for your website. One is social media presence. You need to create social media accounts and post relevant contents regularly to get more followers and viewers to your website. Second is to be also present on forums related to your niche. For example, if your niche is photography, you would need to be active on forums and/or chat groups that shares things related to it. You can add a link on your posts (if allowed) or put a link to your profile page.
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  • Hi,

    Start posting your blog on different social media sites to get more traffic. you can also do bookmarking, infographic to get quality backlinks. cross-promote your blog by doing email marketing. do blog commenting on other blogs, and do forum posting. you can also add old posted blog URL if it is needed to fulfill new blog requirement.
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  • Profile picture of the author calvinmd1
    create a short slideshow of your article and post it to slideshare , make sure that you optimized it for keywords and use tags that are related to your article .then some where on the slideshow include link to your complete article ,website , youtube channel etc. Slideshare is a high authority site you can ranked on the first page on google if you do it right and other slideshows get over 100k views .
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  • Profile picture of the author GDIIT

    For your blog to gain more exposure, you can try joining forums which are relevant to your niche. There are a bunch of them in the internet. One example but most popular forum related to Bitcoin and Cryptos is Bitcointalk.com.

    You can link your website to your account profile and join relevant discussions sharing ideas or tips. Or, there are some other forums that allows you to post or advertise your website link, then it would be much better to market your blog.

    Another thing is to create social media accounts for you site so you can build a community of people with the same interest. Post highly relevant content on those accounts regularly so you keep your followers updated and interested about you.
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  • Profile picture of the author bizzclue
    The best way is your blog rank on Google. Sharing your blog on Social Media (Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr etc.)
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  • Profile picture of the author Maluka IAS
    The best way to promote your website or blog is by sharing your valuable posts on social media platforms. Try to start using techniques of SEO which will surely help you in increasing your traffic.
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    Use YouTube and social media to share your content. If you have some budget, use pay per click method like Google Ads
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  • Profile picture of the author Owird
    Do Content sharing with blogs
    - infographics
    - articles
    - press release
    - guest blogs
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    Trying really hard to write better content that your audience will find extremely useful.
    Working on growing your email list to introduce thousands of new folks to your products and services. start sharing on social media platforms, do forum posting, post some questions about your blog on question Answer sites. do blog commenting. surely you can start getting views on your blog.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tanay Kumar Das
    Get Traffic In The Following Ways:
    Blog Commenting -- Use related KW to your affiliate product and start commenting giving value in top 10 websites/blogs on a consistent basis. Don't Poke your affiliate link but use the bridge page of your blog or website to hyperlink.

    Forum Marketing - Almost every Niche has forums nowadays so go and start commenting on those and if possible create useful threads. Use your profile to post your blog link.

    Quora Answering -- This is a great website where you will find questions related to your niche. Answer on a daily basis and us e your profile link to bring traffic.
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