Is Proofreading important while writing content for SEO?

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Can Anyone tell, do I need to get my content proofread before I post it on website, keeping SEO prospective in view? As I'm low in bugdet & was thinking to avoid spending on it.
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    It depends on how proficient you are in English and how well you can spot mistakes in content that you have written.

    I can tell you from experience that even if you are the best writer in the world, it is often hard to see your own mistakes because you often see what you think you wrote instead of the actual words that are on a page.

    If you are not confident in your writing ability, though, a proofreader is certainly worth considering. Many people will not engage with a site that has poorly written content (although some people, who are also poor writers, may not notice it).
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    If you haven't enough budget for it, you can try free tools available there. Which may help you at least. Grammer and spelling not really going to hurt your SEO. These have no relation with SEO. But if you care about the Bing search engine then you should care about it. Bing said poor grammar can hurt your rankings in Bing.
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    Why do you list a long involved address in Delaware when you are on the other side of the world? Yes, I'd say proofreading is a good idea!
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    I would say no. Being yourself and honest is better. But do split testing. When I started I would spend a lot of money on emails or Copy for my website and made nothing more then my bad grammar down to earth chat. Using my heading like even if you have just fell of the turnip truck this method works. Or you are a complete idiot if you do not take advantage of this bonus. All worked for me But I use a lot of video as well not that long text sales letter. Hope it works
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    Some are meticulous about grammar... but if your content is good and really helpful to the reader this is secondary. I know I'm using Wordpress and when a word is not written well it's telling me and give me a better grammar.
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  • If you're comfortable with your english skills and know how to work with SEO, you can proofread your own work. When you first write it, you're always bound to make some mistakes, even in your native language.
    You can also use apps like Grammarly to do some spell check.
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    Yes it is!

    Always proof read because mistakes can make your SEO go down.
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    Do not go for proofread if you are not having budget for that. There are n number of tolos available, use it for checking your content before posting it into website.
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    Proofreading is important because if you misspelt a word, you could be SEOing for no reason.

    Always go over your work and make sure every thing is correct.
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    I would like to join the previous comments and tell that proofreading is important. You can read the text a hundred times, but nevertheless, don't notice a small mistake. However, If your budget is limited I would recommend you use some free tools such as e.g Grammarly.
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