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Hello everyone! First of all, please forgive me if I am completely off in posting this here, I'm very new to all of this.

I left my normal full time job about 1.5 years ago to take on developing real estate full time. Basically, I purchase vacant land around the central coast of California, go through the building permit process for new construction of a single family home, then build the home and sell it. Spec building, for short. I've been very successful with it, and its rewarding work.

Personally, I am technically challenged. Even though I am a young guy(33), I have zero social media, and this is the first time I've ever used a forum. I have written a how-to book describing how I do this type of work - How to finds the rights lots to purchase, how to negotiate creative deals and financing, how to navigate all your local agencies for a building permit, how to deal in the world of private lending, how to work with various professionals involved in the process, to finally using sub-contractors to build out the project and sell for a big profit.

I did try to build a website on shopify, but I know enough to know that its not that great of a site! I'm wondering if there are other sites that specialize in designing one-item for sale landing pages, or is having a business facebook page is better? I've seen some sites that pretty much just have a cool video selling their product. I really believe I have something valuable and unique to market online. I have lots of photos and content to use, just the lack of technical ability.

I'm sure I will have many more questions, and probably post them elsewhere in this forum as I progress, like adword questions, social media options, partnering with professional internet marketers, etc. But right now, I have(at least I think so) a valuable and unique product for people interested in making serious money in real estate, but lack the ability to bring it to the online marketplace.

Thanks for reading, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!
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    if there are other sites that specialize in designing one-item for sale landing pages,
    You just need a simple sales funnel and a Paypal business account.

    Develop a freebie to attract prospects. In your case, the first chapter of the book would probably work well.

    It's really a simple set-up. People opt-in to your squeeze page to get the free chapter. Then you offer the full book in the freebie and also in your follow-up messages with people who don't buy right away. You can also eventually promote other related products an/or services to your list.

    You can see a simple sales funnel set-up in this post:

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    I understand your challenges. If you want to sell your book as an ebook online, you are going to need to earn credibility. Otherwise you can go to a publisher (good luck with that) and make a few pennies.

    Online is a different ball game. You can charge more if you solve someones problem as they seek answers, but it's difficult to do that if you do not create authority.

    That's where your website comes in. You may be technically challenged, but I have started, built, and sold two tech businesses in Manhattan, and I have been playing in the online field for over ten years. I also know a bit about your space, as I am a real estate investor, landlord, and investing coach with both residential and commercial properties. I also at one point, owned a contracting business. Again, I understand.

    You may not have much tech experience, and you don't need a whole lot, but you do need to get familiar with a few things if you are going to tackle the online aspect yourself.

    Your knowledge of your niche is perfect for establishing credibility, and perfect for starting a blog. Help people for free, and you will build trust. Don't worry about the book, people will still buy it - even though you provide free advice.

    Don't use Shopify for this. Shopify is great, but not for your blog. Your blog should be controlled and owned by you. It's what we call a self-hosted blog (as opposed to a free blog site).

    Once you start your blog and begin adding value through content, you can then work on driving traffic via social media, build a list, promote your book, and promote other related products.

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    Agreeing a lot with Scott here.. I would go a step or 2 back.. to put this into terms you will understand.. you have a blueprint of what the final outcome should look like.. Your willing to invest in online ( IE property ) so once you have bought said property ( hosting and I would suggest a wordpress ) you need to start developing a foundation.

    Again as Scott said you need to start building trust. Your back story, your past projects, etc etc. A site about your current business vs your product. Start With Facebook and Instagram. Project updates, product info, etc etc look at Matt Risinger on youtube for some inspiration.

    As you are developing this platform, obviously develop your product, allow your platform to build a bit and THEN release the product. This way you have put the work in.. you have built the house... and now you have something to sell.

    Hope that Helps!
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