Is anyone else in Sales struggling to manage emails?

by jadew
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We use Outlook and I find it really inefficient to use the folder structure for organising emails. I tried to create folders for each new prospect, but this was difficult to manage with the volume of prospects.

Has anyone found a good way to manage this - or is everyone else struggling like me?

Thanks in advance!

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  • I don't create folders to organize. I feel that use search function to filter the emails from a particular person is more than enough.
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    Gmail works well for me. I check not often at all, giving myself 1-2 seconds to trash or scan emails. Easy way to sift thru and trash or respond to 20-40 emails in minutes. Keep responses to 1-3 sentences. Get super clear. You'll be OK.
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    really inefficient to use the folder structure for organising emails

    Why do you need to organize them? Seems more efficient to have an email series set up to plan your approach to new prospects so the emails are automatic if you are promoting to the prospects.

    Are these emails you access frequently? If not, you can look up previous messages sent by name or emals address IF and WHEN you need them.

    Much better to answer emails 1-2 times a day - and move on to other things. If you need to keep name/email of new prospects would be easier to set up a spreadsheet to do that.

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    Yes i'm using Outlook same way.
    I'm searching like custom based directory where domain can bind.So email automatically come this directory.
    Now require move menually or read email using search tools
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    We have more than 25 000 emails!!! If you would see my morning
    I separate let's say eBay clients from clients who just want traffic and it works Gmail is the best for that
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