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Can someone explain this whole follow no-follow links scenario? I can't follow the logic here on this forum at posts I have seen on this subject.

I just create links in my text to various locations internal, external, social media etc.. should
I be doing something else? :smilies_confu sed:

Thanks Costa
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    Don't you have Google's search engine on your Internet?
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      How is that comment helpful?
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        Originally Posted by Costarica61 View Post

        How is that comment helpful?
        It wasn't intended to help. It's a simple question, like the one you posted. Two seconds on Google and you'd have an answer, but you create a forum post instead of quickly getting your answer and moving on. This says a lot about you and your chances for success in an online business.

        In my mind, the only reason someone would create a forum post instead of doing a quick Google search for an easily answered question is if they don't have access to search engines. If you must post questions for others to answer instead of searching, you are going to get nowhere, fast.
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          I joined this forum to get help, I think comments like this from you are unhelpful to a newbie. The net is full of conflicting SEO advice hence joining a so-called helpful forum like Warrior and what, I meet characters like you. Up until now, people have been very helpful here. It does the forum no good at all to get this negativity from its members in my view.

          My motto is if you have nothing helpful to say despite what you may think, don't say anything.

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    Websites can choose to use no-follow or do-follow tags on outgoing links. No-Follow links give Google a message that these outgoing links aren't worth much and that they shouldn't receive link juice from the website you own (you usually use these on affiliate links, adverts, etc).
    Do-Follow links are the ones you should care about the most. They give you link juice and help you rank higher on search engines.
    To be honest, you need both no-follow and do-follow links for backlink diversity to look natural.
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      Thank you for that explanation, so would you say then I leave things as they are just linked to all my external sites? or put no follows on certain things like social media (FB)
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    A no-follow page, post or link simply means that the the search engines are not going to catalogue them to decide how to give them a rank during a search.
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    How is that comment helpful?

    The comment is because you asked a question that can be easily answered with a simple google search - or a forum search. When you start several threads with questions already answered here many times...some members will notice and comment.

    Not good or bad - just opinions in a discussion thread.
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