Is google AMP good for ranking in 2019

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I have a small lifestyle blog hosted ina vps environment. The website speed is quite good, loading below 2sec. Now, what wondering me is google AMP. Is it necessary to have google AMP to rank higher? And also, if it is going to be compulsory in the future, why not now? I can compromise the design and looks for better speed. But, if it doesn't help me at all in ranking I wanted to stay with my original site and url.

What do you suggest?
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    Yes, Google seems to be boosting AMP pages in their news carousel, which ultimately draws maximum traffic.
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      Thank you for your reply! But I don't think a blog post will never have a chance to appear on the carousel. If the pros are just only for that I don't think I will install it as of now.
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    AMP is not an official Google ranking factor, AMP results can also help improve your search ranking. That's because AMP results are prioritized by Google and are presented on their own carousel at the very top of search engine results pages.
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  • As long as 'Page Speed' is a ranking signal, AMP will be important for your website and will help in ranking higher. Let me stress 'Important' not necessary as yet. With AMP you would be able to reduce that last bit of load speed which google and users want.

    If you can invest time and resources to it, surely do it to make your website future-ready. But make sure the user experience is not hampered because of it.

    Ever second reduced matters.
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      Thank you for your insightful comment. My blog-design is a very simple one almost similar to the AMP reader mode. It seems there is nothing to lose in terms of design and feel. Once I had tried for like 4 hours...but came across some blog post who were against the amp. Now I am very confused about the amp to reinstall or not. AS you have said I would love to be ready for the future if Google is going to push forward more on AMP.

      I have another doubt. sorry! How fast the AMP content will be updated after editing the content on the website. Do we need to do it manually or just to wait for the google to crawl back the content for another week or month? Do you have any idea about that?
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        It seems warrior forum deleted my answer from the other account. Let me answer it through my personal account again.

        Every business is different, lets say a UI/UX developer has created a website, for him its important to showcase his design skills and work through his website to create an initial impression and AMP would not make sense for that person. That's why it's not for everyone.

        For bloggers, like you are, it makes more sense (but if you have adsense on it, it can be a very tricky affair) to have a fast loading site. AMP can help you load website in a fraction of a second on wifi and about 2-3 seconds on 3G network.

        AMP started as a tool to counter Facebook's instant article and overtime it has evolved.

        The content has to be crawled for sure, because AMP works on Cache and Pre-rendering so once it captures a couple of AMP pages it will make more AMP version of pages. You can view any error report in search console or test if an amp version of one of your specific pages exists or not. (i'm not linking anything otherwise stupid warrior forum moderator remove my comments.)
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    Hi there

    If you are looking to attract and engage more visitors to your site, speed on your site is key. Most visitors will immediately leave if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load, which is why AMP is a key implementation. If you have fast site speed, plus engaging content, your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) will increase due to the low bounce rate that you may receive.

    In other words, if you have a very interesting content that people are looking for and interested in reading while having great speed, your ranking in search results will likely increase!
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    it's not that helpful though
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      Thank you for your comment. If it is not that helpful. I will better stay with my responsive design.
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    If your website is loading speed is 2 sec, there's nothing more you could do. AMP has nothing to do with promotion of your website. It is considered important for sites where loading time is more, but when you have such small time, there's no need of AMP. Promotion of search engines is not dependent on AMP rather other factors like your content, traffic you attract, no of backlinks your website holds and so on. So, concentrate on these factors and try to put at least 1 blog post a day to help search engines keep on coming to crawl your website. Good luck!
    Thoughtful Minds - Offering Content writing, Copywriting that Search Engines and user both love.
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    Hi Suanlian,

    As you mentioned in your question that you have a lifestyle blog for which you're using AMP version of your website. Right? And you already know that if its increase your website loading speed then it also affects the working of your website which is also not good. So, according to me, it is not the right choice to compromise with the design of your website only for speed.

    If you want to speed up your original website then it can also do without implementing AMP on your website. A professional & experienced developer can do it easily without AMP. Now if you are talking about the ranking of your website with or without AMP, then it doesn't affect your ranking as much. You can rank #1 on Google with your original website. You just need to do SEO of your website perfectly and write useful content for your website. After this, your website will definitely perform well on Google.

    I hope this question will help you and resolve your maximum questions regarding AMP. Thanks.
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    I think, yes Coogle is good.
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    google amp, had a look at it a long time ago and smiled: open source proprietary technology you have to use or get kicked out of google's new cache technology. I'll never use that crap, implementation is expensive for what effective returns except hope. Another marketing bullshit trap. Except if you're already the owner of high profitable business relaying only on the alphabet ecosystem and can afford that luxury.
    Else, don't waste time with it.
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