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    Meta Keyword tags in 2019?

    kashifkashu in SEO

    I have read somewhere google stopped considering meta keywords long back. But so many websites are still using it. OK its for other search engines. But still some experts online ... [read more]

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    SEO Trends and Techniques in 2019: What Challenges are Coming?

    SDS softwares in SEO

    It's always good to prepare yourself in advance for fighting the challenges the future will bring. Every day improving technologies and continuously changing trends mandate you for a prior preparation ... [read more]

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    Five Digital Marketing Trends In 2019

    SEONinjaa in Internet Marketing

    Five Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 according to Forbes: 1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Chatbots 3. Smart Speakers And Audio 4. Local Influencer Marketing 5. Live Video Is there any opinion ... [read more]

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    How to guarantee failure with Internet Marketing in 2019

    Oziboomer in Internet Marketing

    Start with no plan of what you want to achieve. Buy a new *method* "system" "product" "process" every week and don't implement anything you learn from your first or subsequent ... [read more]

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    Goals for 2019. Which ones do you have?

    GordonJ in Internet Marketing

    There are 3 basic goals for all of us for the coming new year. ONE. Maintain the Status Quo. If it ain't broke, leave it alone and along with this, ... [read more]

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    Google+ Shutdown in April 2019 (for personal use)

    kayolhope in Social Networks

    Got an email about this and wasn't sure how I felt about it. On one hand I thought, "This social media platform has never really been well received and to ... [read more]

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    Your Fav Traffic Method In 2019

    celente in Internet Marketing

    so made some very good money in 2018 and also made a few mistake... I guess we make them, and mistakes are a part of life so we can learn. ... [read more]

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    Will you be doing anything different in 2019?

    ChrisBa in Internet Marketing

    It's almost that time when the year changes, most of us hear many things "new year, new me", "next year I'm going to crush it", etc, etc.. Some people just ... [read more]

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    3 Quick Ways to Sell more and Earn more in 2019

    Happy New Year! If you'd like a simple way to make more this year, it all comes down to being more productive. That means making more offers. You can't make ... [read more]

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    © 2019 - Update Your Copyright Date

    Don't forget to update the copyright date in the footer of your websites. It looks professional, current and that you care, when you take care of the little details on ... [read more]

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    New Start Up Ideas for 2019!

    garyogden in Beginners Area

    Does anyone know of any good New Start Up Ideas for 2019 please? Looking for anything with little or no start up, there must be something guys to get me ... [read more]

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    $6.99 dot coms with free privacy, no limit [Jan 2019]

    DynaDot is running a sale on dot coms again. Only $6.99, it also comes with free privacy. The offer also includes a free website but I don't know anything about ... [read more]

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    Would this SEO strategy still work in 2019?

    Go4DBest in SEO

    Its been a long time since I was involved in web and seo. In the old days it seems if you had the best most relevant name was at top. ... [read more]

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    How do you get a signature on warrior forum in 2019?

    Mega Vaper in Support

    How do you get a signature on warrior forum in 2019? The option is not there for me

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    Affilojetpack, has anyone had any success in 2018 or 2019?

    DavdBob in Internet Marketing

    Is anyone using the Affilojetpack and making money? Is anyone using it and NOT making money that would like to chime in? Anyone from Affilorama want to contact me, please ... [read more]

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    Linkedin Tips for Recruiters 2019

    Anyone suggest me linkedin hacks 2019 to find best talents. Am working on a recruiter profile to pick talents for US companies. Posting a job in company page is no ... [read more]