Creating something iconic for a brand.

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This is not technically about Internet marketing, but perhaps somebody here can point me in the right direction.

I'm looking to create something I don't even have a name for.

Think about Victoria's Secret. "Angels" are something they have associated with their brand. It's not their logo, nor is it a mascot. But their Angles are Iconic.

Think about Playboy. "Bunny" is also not a logo or a mascot, but surely everybody has heard of Playboy bunnies.

So what do we call these Iconic figures? I need to create one for a brand I'm working on and I'm seeking a designer, but I don't even know what to ask for.

Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks again

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    What they really are is archetypes (Google it

    But your designer might not understand that, so just explain it clearly, and make sure that YOU have defined your brand identity, USP, etc. first, which would make it obvious what archetypes might fit your brand . . . if it's not clear which archetypes might fit, then you haven't yet got your brand defined clearly enough, and that is YOUR job, not the designer's job.

    Hope that helps

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