Ideas for optimizing contextual affiliate links links. Multiple product names within the same copy.

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Hi all, I'm new here & hope to be a contributing member over time..but right now I'm a beginner.

I'm developing a site where a typical page contains a dozen different product names within the copy that are all links to Amazon. I'm gonna test of course, but I'm curious and grateful if people could set me on the right track with ideas about how to optimize these affiliate links. for example might it better to write...'buy it HERE' occasionally after a product name instead, ..or perhaps have phrases here and there like 'be sure to click on the links to see more details' for example.

any and all thoughts and Ideas welcomed

Many thanks,
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    Amazon recommends two Call To Action (CTA) buttons:
    Add to Cart
    Buy Now

    Contextual links would also be the same, by default, unless you want to brand the links, e.g. Add [insert brand here] to Cart and Buy [insert brand here] Now

    Assume you are using WordPress. For more details about it from Amazon:
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    A Jeffery stated you need two contextual links.
    1. Buy Now
    2. Add to cart
    You may even add
    3. Add to Wishlist/Buy later.
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    Hi wishes to see you a successful marketer.

    However, lets come to the point.
    Link, Contextual link, affiliate links, and others.
    To speak the truth that It is not science how to set the link. But try to maintain naturality in links.

    You can add " let you have deep," " know details," " Check price" " have more real pic of the products, "you can bring variation in context. But never lose naturality in writing.

    Once you maintained naturality in Call to Action and set appropriately, the possibilities are less lessening the conversion rate. Besides, you can study searching on how to write a call to action. You must bear in mind that you never use more call to action, which makes your readers disgusting.
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