Beginner Question: Feeding in conversion data for offline sales?

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Bare with me on this whilst I explain. Its B2B targeting related:

As Google Adwords becomes more automated with Target CPA and so forth, it is more important that conversion data is accurate as this is often what Google uses to target your customer type.
However for us it is backwards. Our B2C customers buy online and trigger the conversion tracking code. But our real customers are B2B and they generally email us, call or pay via a purchase order, hence it doesn't feed into the Google conversion data.
Clearly we can't ask every customer how they found us and what keyword they typed in... and even if we did it would be hard to manually input that data into Adwords, for the Google algorithm to use.

So... would this work:

1. A customer finds the site by typing in a keyword.
2. They don't buy online as they call up or email.
3. Instead of taking the payment over the phone or sending them a purchase order we tell them that we will send them a quote via email.
4. We then log onto our site and generate a quote in our system which sent them an email with a link. On that link is a page listing what they want and a button that says open "confirm order".
5. That button has the usual Google tracking code. When the customer says confirm order it tells Google that they have purchased X product at X price.
Or does it?

So Google does track a customer for X many days in case they return to the site and buy. Would this still work in the above scenario? The customer clicks the Confirm Button on our site and it feeds in the order details.

Over time the B2B large orders will register as conversions against the specific keyword, adgroup & audience. Hence Google will then go off and it algorythm will target those types of customers which are making this large types of orders... I.e. B2B, rather than the small B2C orders.

Does that make sense?
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