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How often should I email my list in the span of a week? I want to keep them informed but not push the issue.
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    If you do it once a day, you would be doing it like the most successful email marketers do
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      Thanks! I initially wanted to email my subscribers once a day but I was unsure if this was too much.
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    It is dependent on your ability. For more information you can use mailchimp
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    I think twice a week is good, you can use MailChimp to manage mail system more efficiently
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    I think somehow there is no right or wrong in answering this question because it simply depends on whether you have something to say or if you have nothing to say. Can you offer your readers any added value if so contact them as often as you can as long as you have added value.

    However, if you have nothing to say and would only email because you think it might be better but don't actually see any content or point then don't...
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      Never quite looked at it from that point of view. I want to give quality content but not a ton of aimless emails. Thanks
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    This really depends upon the industry you are working in. For instance, I work for a VPN Service Provider (Ivacy) and we usually send out emails when the price changes, new feature is added, any news that might be coming up. At times we dont email our subscribers for as long as two week, but there are times when we send them email twice a day.
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    Originally Posted by Stephon Moore View Post

    How often should I email my list in the span of a week? I want to keep them informed but not push the issue.
    If you are a faceless company or cooperation, it's quite okay to email your clients whenever you need to update them on a change in company policy and so on, and that could be once a month or once every two months. However, if you are an individual doing affiliate marketing, or some other form of marketing online, via email, you cannot wait until you have something to say to your subscribers to email them.

    Your email list is the customer base that needs to know, like, and trust you before they can even begin to consider buying from you. This requires relationship building to a point where you understand and know their needs. So I would say, you need to be in contact with your subscribers not less than once per week.

    You don't want to email too often, as that could be annoying and result in them unsubscribing. However, if you wait until you have something to say to contact them, they may end up not hearing from you for weeks, or maybe a month, and may forget you and not open your emails, or unsubscribe. It's in your best interest to find something to say and communicate with your subscribers at least once per week.
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      Thanks, I've heard about people emailing their list everyday and some only once or twice a week. I can see how it would get annoying to get emails about products from someone you don't know, especially if its everyday.
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    If you have some updates you can mail them as often as you need, also it depends of the style of your promotion and your product. Try to be useful for your audience and not spam
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  • There's no one size fits all. I get daily emails from certain people I like as marketers, but after a while they bore me. Others who I get daily emails from have kept my attention all the way through.

    That doesn't mean one is better than the other. It's just that certain people hold 'my' attention for longer than others. That's just my experience though. I'm sure there are people who like person A more than person B, whereas I like person B more than person A.

    Swings and roundabouts, eh?

    If only there was one perfect way to do everything. Then we could all do it the same way... and no one would listen anyone. Find out what works for you; not what works for others.
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    I have subscribed to countless email "newsletters"
    over the years and so I get them from various gurus,
    the Avon person, department stores, etc. Some of
    these people send out multiple emails a day. I am
    curious about their open rate since I rarely read any
    of this marketing propaganda anymore but I have an
    endless supply of emails to research, that's for sure.
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      That's what I'm more concerned about. So many people get emails into products they opt into and barely even look at.
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    As stated above there is no real one answer it is a more of a try and test to see the reaction of your subscribers.


    Saying that, from my own experience so long as you email them daily but make sure that you give them VALUE in your email you will still have their attention, once you lose thier attention then they are gone.

    Most marketers that I follow tend to email me daily, some really hard sell through thier emails while others actually keep my attention buy giving my VALUE. But in my opnion its about testing your subscribers.

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    Once a day, or 5 times in a week.

    Hot subscribers are glad to read from you
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    Its totally depends on your list and type of emails you wish to shoot, We have a list of half million active webmasters and we sent them to blog article link once in a day.

    I usually try to cover all the information within the email, I send 1 promotional email per week which has a full promotion usually on Sunday.

    Test and find the better strategy that works for your list.
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    The average varies from once a week to twice a day. A good gage is to ask yourself how often do you want to be bothered by someone emailing you everyday? If the content is really good and helpful to you then once a day is fine as perhaps you are even looking forward to reading it everyday for that reason! If on the other hand the email is always just trying to sell you on something else or the content is unhelpful then you might be more inclined to just want to unsubscribe to get rid of the junk.

    The idea is to find a good balance where you want your subscribers to be reminded that you exist and that you provide excellent value every time you email them versus being a nuisance and making them them unsubscribe. Look at your ratios of opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. That will give you some useful insight.
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      I will definitely take this into consideration and test it out. Thanks
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    Let us know about your results
    Good luck)
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