Amazon Seller Support Phone VS Email?

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Okay so long story but I will get to the point.

I created an LLC for my Amazon business. I have a pro seller account, however, no sales to date.

I updated my tax info "legal entity" to reflect my LLC's info and it went "pending verification". I then realized that the way it was before was correct as it's a Single Member LLC so Amazon wants you to use the owner's tax info.

I submitted a support ticket to cancel the request to change and revert it back to the way it was. They emailed me saying this:
"In this case, in order to have this issue resolved, we needed to request an internal investigation. From our end, we will not be able to provide you with a particular timeframe since its related process has to be completed by an external team; however, as soon as we have further information available, we will be getting back to you."

I was wondering, would contacting them via phone support help me at all? Maybe expedite the process by explaining I simply want to cancel the request to change the info? Or even ask to speak to the captive team?

Amazon Seller Forum's won't seem to help me out with this, I'm not sure why. So if anyone here can help me I really would appreciate it. I'm on my knees here begging guys please help!
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    No forum can help you - you need to give Amazon time to work through it and get back to you. You could call Amazon but you have already explained the problem and Amazon is working on it.

    I think patience is the answer at this point.
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    It can't hurt to call them, you never know, it may help. However, I second that you most likely will just have to be patient in this scenario.
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