Star rate my own post is a good/bad idea?

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Hi everyone! Rating stars is a good type of schema for increase the CTR on searches, but can we rate our own posts/articles? Google knows when it's me doing this? Is it bad?

Besides that, I was thinking about to send my articles to my friends in order to earn more star ratings.
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    Rating your things won't help you at all. Practically how many times you can like your own posts or articles, might be once or twice but after that? The right practice to get genuine likes or recommendations is by creating high-quality content and doing proper SEO (on page & off page) of it.

    You must have heard it earlier also, CONTENT IS KING, so please focus on it and you will get genuine followers.
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    Getting a few ratings from your friends shouldn't be the biggest problem...
    Might be helpful to get a bit more traction at the beginning
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    2 words for you

    1 content its king
    2 Build backlinks

    I dont tbink star rating will help you to your seo eforts
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    Not a good idea to give yourself false ratings. You will get genuine ratings once you build enough traction, ratings won't be what helps you build the traction though. As others have mentioned here, you need to implement good on/off page SEO and create consistent and engaging content that is high quality.
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    It depends, if it is done bad, i.e. rate all your content in 1 hour, it can do harm. If it is done good, i.e. quality rating text, it won't do any harm and can even be good.
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    Rating our own post or blog is meaning less ,getting rating from your friends is acceptable to certain extent.If it is done continuously ,becomes spam which your violating google guide lines.
    Use best practices Optimize your content with quality content and relevant information.As we know google always feeds on updated content.update the content regularly.Get back links from authoritative sites.
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