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Affiliate Tips

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Posted 3rd April 2012 at 02:34 AM by Adrian Int

Hello, Hello...

I've been trying to become more active on these forums and in doing so have had the chance to speak with a few budding internet marketers.

Common trends among them include excitement.. wondering what to do next.. and dreaming of vast riches and travelling the world several times over.

Perhaps you're familiar with these ideas. :p

Another common theme is choosing clickbank products to promote based on their gravity and other factors that are really fairly irrelevant to your niche market. (Telling your subscribers that the product you're promoting has a gravity of 100+ will not get you the sale..)

I came across this blog post on copyblogger recently and I whole heartedly agree with it.

As I have discussed with many people in the past - and I urge you to subscribe to this thought as well - your reputation is both the hardest thing to build, and the hardest thing to RE-build.

Honesty and Integrity may not make your bank account explode tomorrow, but they're keystones to keeping your online business successful.

On that note.. please read the following and take it to heart!

When you’re looking for an affiliate product to review or promote on your site, here are some of the guidelines that have worked well for us on Copyblogger:

Only promote products that are so good, you would promote them whether or not you were paid to. Many “gurus” will tell you to find a Clickbank product in your niche that’s doing well and promote that. While that’s a useful way to tell if a particular topic is viable, it’s also a great way to destroy your relationship with your audience unless the Clickbank product is terrific. (Which many of them are, by the way.) Only promote great quality, whether it’s a $17 product or a $17,000 one.

Make sure you’re selling something your audience wants. This seems obvious, but it’s where a lot of marketers fail. You can’t just offer something people need or could benefit from. They also have to want it. Don’t be afraid to promote products that are already popular in your topic. They’re popular because there’s a strong desire. You’ll use your own relationship and content to make people want to buy with your link.

Look for high-dollar-value products. This is especially important if you don’t have tons of traffic. It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true — you won’t necessarily sell more of a cheaper product. It’s not uncommon to find that a $197 product sells as many copies as a $19 one.

Give some background. Reviews tend to do very well for affiliate offers, because they give the buyer some additional background on the product’s strong and weak points. Never be afraid to honestly address flaws in a product you review. You won’t hurt sales, and you will build your trust and credibility with your audience.

Always disclose your affiliate relationship. Not only is it a good relationship-building practice to be honest with your readers, but the FTC also now requires bloggers to disclose that you’re receiving financial compensation for your endorsement. This can get you into some very ugly hot water if you ignore it, so don’t. (If you want a model for a graceful way to do that, scroll down and click through to the post on how to make affiliate disclosure into a selling point.)
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