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The Mindset.

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Posted 3rd March 2012 at 11:04 AM by Adrian Int

The Mindset.

First off – We want to make some money. Unfortunately this is often not an A-to-B route. Before we can get to making money we need to understand the Hows and Whys of it all.
You need to understand the following idea – People use the internet for a few reasons. If you want them to use your little space of the internet, you’ll need to provide them with what they want.

So what do they want?

They need to do something. They want to communicate. They want to learn more. They want to be entertained.

They want to solve a problem.

They’re looking to be reassured that they’re making good decisions. And they want it in a format that’s quick to access, easy to understand, and even easier to navigate.
That last part is doubly true for mobile users.

Second off – You’re going to have to come to the appreciation that what you’re starting here is a business. Your average business does not generate a 10,000% net return in its first year. Your average business does not take the owner from rags to riches in a few months.

What you’re creating has a high likelihood of doing one of two things for you:

1. It’s going to drain your savings, discourage you and leave you broke for the short term. Long term it’s going to provide you with a sustainable income, empower you, and help you to provide a lifestyle of choice for yourself and your loved ones.

2. It’s going to drain your savings, discourage you and leave you broke, or worse, and feeling like it was all a big mistake. You’ll give up and go back to looking for ‘traditional’ work.

What’s the difference between one and two?

The people in group two are quitters. I really can’t sugar coat it. These folks just want a nice easy life consisting of little to no effort input and huge benefit as the output. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

The people in group one are dedicated to themselves. They face challenges head-on and even though they may not be certain of the outcome, always believe in themselves and their abilities. These are the people who have the necessary attitude to make and run a business of their own.

So here’s the deal – If you belong to group two...
  • If you don’t believe in yourself and you don’t like being faced with problems that there is no clear solution to...
  • If you want to have someone else tell you how to do absolutely everything without coming up with any solutions for yourself...
  • If you’re so sure it’s not possible to make money online that you won’t give it a fair chance...

... go back to your J-O-B right now. You’ll get nothing out of what’s to come because you’ve already decided for yourself that you want to fail.

If you’re part of group one – if you have the guts to stare down adversity and come out the victor, you’re in for a treat. What I’m about to get into is going to help you make GOOD DECISIONS now so that you can prosper later.

Do me a favour. Grab a piece of paper. Grab a pen.

Write down the following:

Now get started.
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