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My advice to IM newbies.

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Posted 5th March 2012 at 09:49 AM by Andyhenry

So, forgive me if this is a bit indulgent, but hopefully it will be useful to a few people......

Here's some advice:

1 - Think about who your target audience is.

2 - Think about what their problem/need/desire is.

3 - Think about what you most want them to do when they find your site.

4 - Create some pre-selling copy and a clear proposition that ties-in their need and your most wanted action from them.

5 - Do some research into which terms they are searching with and which sites are currently giving them what they will find and want.

6 - Check out any newsworthy events, people and information that will be of interest to them and that you can create a connection to your proposition from. (think along the lines of you are selling life coaching and Tiger Woods is having relationship problems and it's in the news - you create some content which covers how life coaching could've had him living a balanced life and never run into those problems, but could also help him put things into perspective and regain his life as fast and easily as possible)

7 - Create a short report that hits the biggest interest areas of your target audience.

8 - Write some press releases about the major benefits of your products/services and how they relate to the newsworthy items your research came up with (you can be very creative here and ALWAYS have a lot to say)

9 - Create some short videos and articles which highlight and briefly cover main areas of interest to your target audience.

10 - create a plan for constant content creation and publishing. it's ok to reuse content and turn an article into a short video and use your new content to create press releases (i.e new video exposes how to live a happy life), so that you always have content waiting to go out.

There are many tools which will let you schedule content publishing (you can even just create draft posts in Wordpress and just publish them when the time is right), so you can easily systemise and automate a lot of things ( think rss sharing, social bookmarking, press release publishing, video distribution, article publishing etc. etc.)

11 - Work your plan.

If all you do is create regular press releases, videos and content but effectively distribute/publish it - you don't need any of the popular link blasting systems.

The biggest tool you need is your brain and to plan your strategy.

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