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Dead Cat Ramblings

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Posted 17th May 2011 at 09:38 PM by Asher

A cat died recently.

But not just any cat, it was Chummy.

Who the heck is Chummy?

Chummy's the 3rd member of a family of 3. And I didn't know him until I got to know who Ashleigh Brilliant was.

Brilliant draws comics with 17-words-or-less punchlines known as Pot-shots or Brilliant Thoughts. There's an old comic style to his drawings and for good reason, he is pretty old... 77? 78? Nevertheless.

I discovered Brilliant while reading an old, browning borrowed copy of Robert Allen's "Multiple Streams of Internet Income".

So intrigued I was with the comics and little thoughts that I decided to visit his site and contact him to see if I could use his comics for possible use on some of my own sites back in end April 2010.

Turns out, I got subscribed to his list after a simple email contact.

Not that I'm complaining.

Like many internet marketers, I'm signed up to lots of lists and unsubscribed from even more. But for Brilliant, I stuck on.

Even though his emails are not marketing related, I liked reading them. Not all of them though... just the ones that are short enough to get through.

When his cat died, he sent out an email reminiscing. I don't own a cat (but I did have, at one time, 40 dwarf hamsters [!]), but I read the email. At the end of the email, he stated...

You don’t have to send messages of sympathy. We know you understand how we feel.
Now, even though I felt like sending him an email of sympathy, he pre-empted me and stopped me before my mouse could click reply.

This guy's doing more things right than wrong things in his emails because, at least for this 1 reader, he's got me engaged.

There's something he's got in his emails that most guru marketers don't dare to tread upon... vulnerability.

Precisely because of vulnerability, he's got my respect.

List builders, want to build a relationship with your list?... Dare you try vulnerability?

Asher Aw
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