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The More You Read The More You Make

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Posted 31st May 2012 at 04:00 AM by Asher

- Original post found on my site at Online Income Cash -

Continuing education for knowledge, keeping up to date with latest trends, etc – is one of the most important criteria to an improved life.

It doesn’t matter which stage of your life you are at right now – in order for you to be at the edge and keep yourself sharp, you must continue your learning.

The internet is the greatest tool the common man has right now.

It allows us to access whatever answers we need – it’s only a search away.

Precisely because the answers are all out on the internet, we get inundated with unlimited choices to make.

There’s a saying – “A confused mind does not buy”. With which, I say a confused mind does not accept new information.

Just like how people don’t know what to buy when they go shopping (there are too many choices to make!) and eventually have to make a balancing choice between perceived value, price and desires – people don’t know which information to trust because it’s all available right now for anyone to use and profit from.

Information Overload Is Extremely Common

Now, as Internet Marketers and people making a living online, we are bombarded (very literally) with lots of information.

We get written reports, blog posts, articles, videos, interviews, podcasts, emails, etc. The list goes on.

Many marketers or budding entrepreneurs get frozen in their tracks when they set out on a new venture.

There is now so much information in their heads, they don’t know what to do. Either that, or they become so enthralled with making everything perfect – they make nothing.

If you are an Internet Marketer, one of the most important shifts in your mentality has to go from being a consumer to being a producer.

A consumer who calls himself an Internet Marketer is really a student who gets excited with the information he gets with each new download.

A producer is someone who understands that in order for him to make money, he must produce value for the consumer.

And it is the producer who makes the money – not the consumer. If you are trying to make money online but are still not making any money, assess yourself – are you really a consumer or are you a producer?

So even if you have information overload or you are stuck because of whatever reason, you need to literally bash through that wall that’s stopping you.

You can take creative approaches or just do-it until it happens. There is no shortcut. If there really was a shortcut to dealing with information overload, people wouldn’t be suffering from them to this day.

The only way out of information overload is to produce.

The Faster You Read – The Faster You Reap

With so much going on, having the ability to speed read is an extremely beneficial skill.

Speed reading allows you to consume information fast without losing comprehension.
But here’s the problem – most people don’t take the time to learn the skill.

Or even if they do, they don’t put it into practice. It’s painful, it’s tiring and after a while, your eyes just glaze over because you can’t seem to absorb whatever you are reading.

Marketers all around the world flood you with information in a bid to get you attached to them.

Some pitch their way to your wallets, while others provide content and pray you bless them with the occasional purchase.

In any case, there is always some kind of content available. Most of the time, the content is in written form (it’s only because of increased bandwidths and demand that more people are using multimedia but most people are still using text to convey information).

Here’s what we know…

We know that we need to read more because it keeps us updated, it gives us the edge over our competitors and it enables us to make smarter decisions because all that information is now on standby within the super computer known as your brain… awaiting the opportunity for your subconscious mind to make the connection and provide you with the best solution it can come up with.

The Best Free Tool I’ve Come Across Yet

... Get the resource I recommend right now (and the full article) at this link: The More You Read The More You Make
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