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Create your Own product

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Posted 14th October 2017 at 12:58 AM by Bizopboost

Create your Own freebie / product

There is a lot of information on the web on how to create your own products but not many of these sources provide a clear and concise step by step plan so that you can get your product out there and making money in the shortest time possible!
So that is what I am going to attempt to do here.
I am confident if you follow these steps you will have your very own killer Freebie that will bring in sales for years to come.
In this first step let’s talk a little about why the right mind set means a lot when it comes to creating your own product.
The hardest thing I’ve found and probably many other people find to when they get started with any aspect of Internet Marketing is all of the hard work it involves.
I am not sure how you got interested in Internet Marketing but if you were like me you have probably been pulled insat some point, by all the websites out there that promise untold riches for 5 minutes work!
Don’t get me wrong this is indeed possible, but in my experience not when you are getting started. It is indeed a reality if you have a list of 3,000 responsive buyers that you can send out an email that will make you thousands of dollars within a few days.
Although to start off you need to create that product and build that list and unfortunately that will require some good research!
So, you will need the correct mind set and I am not going to write pages and pages of motivation for you, except to answer the number one question that stops people taking action or makes them give up in my experience.
I know this question comes up and can be very hard to overcome because I have asked myself the same question plenty of times when I was getting started with Internet Marketing.
Here is the question or questions I found myself asking when I was getting started:
  • “Is this going to work?”
  • “Is all this work worth it?”
  • “Will my product sell?”
These are the three main questions that I found myself asking when I was creating my own product.
Well take it from me the answer to all those questions is “Yes it really does work!”.
Ok, so once you have got your niche the first thing you need to do is see if it is profitable and people are looking for it!
Remember don’t spend too much time on this just think of
something you have an interest in and move on to the next step.
Use Google and this Tool to Find 5 keyword phrases with search results should have more than 1000 searches per month at the very least 500. This is a rough estimate, but it will still give you a good idea of whether or not you should move forward in that topic.
Here is an Example the top main phrases associated with dog training are:
  • free dog training tips
  • dog training collars
  • in home dog training
  • dog training collar
  • dog training tips
I highly suggest that you make a folder on your Desktop to keep all your work together. Just call it your “Topic name” product for example “Dog Training Freebie”.
There are lots of different Freebies that you can create but for the purposes of this short course we will create an eBook / a report and I will show you how to write a brilliant one even if you do not have a clue about the topic!
The reason that you should create an ebook as your first project is it is without a doubt in my opinion the easiest product to get started with!
If your Topic really takes off you can always come back and create an “add-on” product like educational videos, or an online course as an up sell but to start off with focus on an ebook.
First thing we need for our ebook is chapters. How do you know what chapters to put in your ebook?
The number of chapters you pick for your eBook is dependent on how many different questions are being asked but you should aim for about 5 or 6 chapters with good content.
More on how to get the content next, for now find 5 or 6 questions that are being asked and make a note of them as these will be the chapters of your eBook.
  • The top 5 issues I found for “Dog Potty Training” was:
  • Should I Smack My Dog When Potty Training?
  • Is It Right to Shout at My Dog When Potty Training?
  • Should You Use a Crate When Dog Potty Training?
  • What’s the Best Routines to Potty Train My Dog?
  • What Is the Best Way to Potty Train an Older Dog?
All you need to do to find good quality content for your Report is know where to find it! The first place you should go is Ezine Articles:
Ezine Articles has thousands of articles that you can use for the content of your product.
Keep in mind you should not copy people’s articles but you can by all means take the main points from an article and re write it in your own words. The only hard part is that it requires some editing and writing, but if you stay on track and you should be fine!
Start by finding 3 to 4 good articles on each topic that you have chosen for your chapters.
Now, in the folder you created earlier create a separate sub folder for each of your chapters and copy and paste 4-5 articles for each chapter that you can use content from!
As I said before you should not copy someone’s articles word for word, but you can use the ideas from them to create your own.
Now you should have everything that you need to do is start writing your Report.
Using the above methods, you should have more than enough information to write your ebook and start making money from it too.
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