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Best Email Headlines

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Posted 15th October 2017 at 06:35 PM by Bizopboost

Hey There,

Don't be a daft marketer.

Don't think that using headlines with the
words killer, avalanche, explosion and
crusher are going to do anything.

Other than make you look like a muppet.

Think about it.

"How to be a killer affiliate"

"Discover the Commission explosion system"

"How to get an income avalanche"

They mean nothing.

Unless you want to kill affiliates, blow-up
your commissions or have income fall off
a cliff top.

The purpose of your subject line is to simply
get your email opened. It's to stand out
from the rest of the crowd and say

"Hey" Open me I'm interesting and useful!"

And to do this you have to know what your
list is interested in. You must know why
people join your list and what they want from

Everyone's favourite subject is themselves and
they're only interested in stuff that's going
to help them!

Now there's a million ways to write a great
headline but, without doubt, the most talked
about formula comes back to this:

Benefit + Curiosity = Eyeballs

Why a benefit works is obvious. We're all
interested in stuff that helps us and
improves our lives.

Curiosity on the other hand is like an itch
you can't scratch. It drives us nuts and we
just have to find out.

Like when someone says "I have a secret..."
and says nothing more. The desire to find
out kills us.

Apply the formula and reveal a benefit your
readers are desperate for without revealing
it, creating curiosity, and you'll have them
opening your emails on autopilot.

Now there's more to writing great subject
lines and emails and I've another great tip
coming in the next email that applies to both
your subject lines and email body.

But if you really want to start studying the
masters then create a swipe file.

Join as many lists as you can and watch what
they send. When an email grabs your eye or
causes you to open it, study it.

Then create a folder for the best emails you
receive and keep them for reference and brain
storming ideas when you write your own KILLER
subject lines!

More soon, my next email is super-important
for really jumping out and building a real
email fan base.

Take care,

See you soon!

Best Regards
Your Partner,

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