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Solo Ads - Tread Cautiously!

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Posted 26th March 2013 at 09:22 AM by Daniel Evans
Updated 28th August 2018 at 06:17 PM by Daniel Evans

Whilst I like to keep the general tone of my blog posts positive (for that's what allows for progress!) I feel compelled to give the heads up as a warning to others - especially those who are tight for cash and just starting in their IM venture.

It's no secret that people use and recommend solo ads as a way to build a list. However many people who do aren't aware of some unethical tactics that are used even by the most popular of solo ad sellers including those who feature on popular solo ad lists.

In many cases people who are offering a service of an ad being sent to their "list" are aren't actually using a list of any sort and are infact sending traffic via traffic exchange websites. These websites operate on a "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" in the sense that they deliver clicks to a specified URL after the user has browsed X number of other members pages.

As a result this kind of traffic is ultra low quality as the users only click so that they can earn a click for themselves.


Here is a checklist to help you establish if a solo as seller is offering an ethical service:

* They allow you to use your own swipe.

* They have testimonials from people who are not offering solo ads themselves. i.e They are not working as part of a syndicate

* They promise to be readily available for questions and updates post sale.


Covering those points in greater detail:

A solo seller who asks for your swipe (your ad) is more likely to be sending to an actual list (assuming they aren't using it as a bluff) since traffic exchange services and similar do not require swipe / ad copy.

There are groups of people who offer solo ads to the public and each person in the group promotes the next by leaving positive testimonials, regardless of their quality of service or indeed, regardless if they have even used their service at all. This is deception by syndication. Always ensure that there are non solo sellers leaving positive reviews too. Research into the people who leave reviews when possible. Dig deep. It's your money on the line.

An ethical solo ad seller will make themselves readily available after they have accepted your money for a solo ad booking and they will keep you updated as to when your ad has been sent out. Ensure that the solo ad seller is active on whatever channel they advertise (forums etc) and / or Skype so that you can have peace of mind that if you need to contact them you can do so easily. The price you pay for your solo should encompass quality customer support.

There are many ethical solo ad sellers, so this blog entry is by no means a bid to tarnish solo ads in general. Just ensure that you follow the rules of thumb above and you'll find it much easier to pick out the diamonds amongst the rough.

To be extra safe, consider networking with likeminded people - ideally those who share the same niche as you and consider doing an adswap instead!


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