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How to dominate Google in YOUR local market Like I did for Maryland Internet Advertising
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If you don't have a camera, get one!

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Posted 29th November 2008 at 01:51 PM by David
Updated 29th November 2008 at 02:01 PM by David (add .jpeg)

If you don't have a digital camera RIGHT NOW, go get one if you want to dominate the local Google search results.

If you want me to take you by the hand, and tell you exactly, STEP by STEP how to go out and get local small businesses and get them in Google within 8 HOURS (maybe less)... donate $20 to my favorite charity:

"A Mission of Mercy" free health care clinic.
A Mission of Mercy operates a mobile dental/medical clinic out of an RV. MoM is in 4 states: Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania and the "Free State", Maryland.

All donations thru the FaceBook cause I set up here: I'll see, as soon as I see you donated I'll give you the goods!

Remember this though, my 'trick' to getting a new web advertising client to skyrocket to the top of local Googleâ„¢ serps (before you even get home) requires a digital camera.

I started out from a dead stop, FLAT broke, can't get any broker than to live in a homeless shelter

... so if you can't get a camera (they cost about $100 and up for a suitable one, mine costs $350 and a customer bought it for me in Barter here's something you can do:

Take a web page of yours, choose one that is tailored to the specific market demographics you're going after, do a Prnt Scrn.

What you'll end up with is will look like this (page from an online photo storage site where I keep many of my client's digital photos)-
A screen shot, to the right of the F12 button on your keyboard, is this button: Prnt Scrn

push it

open Paint.exe (comes with most every windows operating system)

paste the 'prnt scrn' into paint.

you can not use right click to do this

use Control + V

save as:

there, you now have an image suitable for doing battle with the local yokels.. I mean we're talking decimate them, small businesses that got in Google early and think they're so sophisticated because they've got the top slot in Google will be unseated very, VERY quickly.

Here's the link to donate:
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  1. New Comment
    GT's Avatar
    Hi, David:

    Looks like a very cool marketing idea ... and a great charity as an incentive to order! I will give it some thought.

    Posted 29th November 2008 at 02:08 PM by GT GT is offline
  2. New Comment
    David's Avatar
    Thanks GT, I know the tactics I'm offering work because I just got a local small business client of mine featured on the First Page of the Frederick News Post and on

    The Frederick News-Post Online - Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper

    Local cycling enthusiasts start mobile bicycle repair business

    The 'window of opportunity' that these tactics will be effective may be short... so I thought to myself:

    I *could* charge a pretty penny for this...


    I *could* capitalize on my recent Press Release Success and "pay it forward"

    Note: neither my name or my company name was mentioned in the newspaper article... but the reporter (and more importantly, his editor) are aware of who I am now... and the next time I submit a press release I can go thru the front door!
    The Frederick News Post spent money on using my copy, used my copy word for word, I know EXACTLY where I advertised this...

    and now I know EXACTLY where to cast my bait the next time... and now know what kind of bait the fish are biting on!!!
    Posted 29th November 2008 at 03:08 PM by David David is offline
  3. New Comment
    David - thanks for all the great info! Your advice will help me incredibly. Well worth several hundred $$$$. (don't tell too many more people, ok?)
    Posted 20th April 2009 at 02:38 PM by goodtimesathome goodtimesathome is offline

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