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Posted 6th November 2011 at 12:01 PM by Dwayne Morrison

Life. Simple. Hard. However you want to put it, it is what it is. In my previous posts I talked about marketing and entrepreneurial based topics, but I think it's important that we go deeper into something so simple yet so complex; there's really no description you can put on the word "life".

You choose what you make your life. If you choose to wake up in the morning with a positive mentality, then no matter what happens throughout your day, you'll still be able to maintain that mentality. You'll achieve what you need to and be proud of it, and quite frankly you'll be happy just for the simple fact that you woke up with the right attitude. If you wake up with a horrible mentality on the other hand and imagine your day as hell on earth, then that's what your day will be...exactly that.

Life is something lots of people take for granted. They don't realize how many people in this world who have so much money and believe they'll wake up the next day, actually end up not waking up the next day. This is why a positive outlook whether you're rich or poor is extremely beneficial not only to your health, but also to you well-being.

I've gone through hard times myself in life, very, very hard times. But who the hell am I to say that I'm the only one who's gone through those situations? Look around yourself and notice how many people are suffering way more than yourself but yet still, they manage to put on a bright face and push through their troubles. And no, by no means is it a good thing to bottle up your feelings, but it is a good thing to continue to push forward even when the world seems to be pressing down on your skull.

Stop wasting your life by feeling sorry for yourself, or stressing about things. It's no healthy my friend. I'm 21 and have already stressed about the most unnecessary things to stress about; marriage, kids...that type of stuff. There was even a point in time when I started losing hair because all I would do is set unrealistic goals for myself that yes, I could achieve, but they were not meant to be achieved on my watch.

Everything in life can be fixed from family issues, personal issues, financial issues (what a lot of individuals are going through), friend issues - these little things can be fixed if, and only if, you put your mind to solving the problem. Taking your problems to turn them into solutions...

... That, my fellow Warriors, is what life is about. Partially at least

Dwayne out.

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