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My Review of The Value Addon Membership Site Software

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Posted 25th February 2015 at 09:56 AM by HanifQ
Updated 6th March 2015 at 11:37 AM by HanifQ (Value Addon Review Updated)

JVZoo's Value AddOn is an interesting piece of software...lot of hype behind it but is it really worth it? I've created a thread that goes in-depth and I'm encouraging people to come and give their comments and experience:

>> Uncut Value Addon Review & Exclusive Bonus Strategies

Also, take a look at this interesting study that shows that Mobile Apps are capturing more Internet time than TV...

Report: Mobile Apps Capture Most Internet Time, Exceed TV

As smart phones become the norm, Internet usage via these phones is skyrocketing. Many phone applications use Internet and data in order to operate. Even outside of apps, people are commonly using mobile web browsers to visit websites. Many websites provide a mobile format that makes viewing the website easier on a phone.

Some studies have shown that mobile apps are being used more frequently than television is watched. While there has not been an increase in television viewing, there has been a significant increase in Internet usage. The average time used has increased to 177 minutes. This is a moderate increase from the 109 minutes previously used.

So, why are mobile apps using more Internet than anything else? This is largely due to convenience. Smart phones allow users to frequent the Internet without using a real computer. It is simply easier for people to get online on phones rather than laptop or desktop computers.

Many applications for smart phones are marketed by promoting their convenience. Popular social media and blogging sites have turned to mobile apps to keep users hooked. As the popularity of these apps increase, more and more websites are offering smart phone apps. This allows them to generate traffic that may otherwise be lost.

Many major businesses have been taking advantage of mobile apps, too. Retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies and other similar stores all use mobile apps. These apps provide users with an interactive experience. In addition to this, many of these apps give customers coupons, discounts and other incentives.

Another major factor in application usage is the cost of apps. Many smart phone apps are free to use, though a data plan is typically required to use mobile apps. With the combination of free incentives and convenience, it is easy to see why mobile apps are taking over.
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