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Hanif's Review Of ProStyler Theme - WordPress Website Builder

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Posted 27th February 2015 at 08:22 AM by HanifQ
Updated 2nd March 2015 at 02:37 PM by HanifQ

ProStyler is a brand new WordPress theme that can help users create attractive websites easier...

But can it help you increase on-page conversions as well?

Read my complete ProStyler Theme review here:

>> UNCUT ProStyler Theme Review & Exclusive Bonus Strategies

With the new ProStyler Theme making websites will be much easier, but marketers still need to focus on improving 'Conversions' by focusing on Customer Value Optimization (CVO).

Customer value optimization helps locate your best customers and maximize their value to help maximize your business total customer value. It is with this system that Amazon has dominated ecommerce, and McDonald’s and Starbucks the hamburger and coffee markets.

The system is applicable for all types of businesses, no matter its size and the product you sell. It works on the law of business aspects presented by the legendary marketer, Jay Abraham. According to CVO, a business grows in three ways:

It helps increase

· The number of customers

· Your customer’s average transaction value

· The customers’ transactions

Customer value optimization process

It is not enough to master tactics like Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook Advertising. It’s a waste of time if you don’t implement the CVO process. Even learning PPC advertising or search engine optimization is futile. You should be able to apply them to the CVO process to reap its profits.

Customer value optimization is divided into:

i. Locating the right market or product

ii. Selecting a traffic source

iii. Providing a lead magnet

iv. Providing a tripwire

v. Providing a core product

vi. Providing a profit maximizer

vii. Generating the return path

1-Locating the right market or product

It is important that you choose the right market for a group of willing and competent buyers as no luck or work is useful without a willing and able market. It is only after determining the market is big enough and monetizable can you build a business around it.

You know the market is big enough if you have:

· Active blogs, email newsletters, Facebook pages, associations and forums.

· Your top 3 keywords generates more than 30,000 Google searches monthly.

A monetizable market has the following signs:

· Direct competition

· Indirection competition with competitors selling something different to the same market

· Marketers- popular marketers spell money

· Gurus are influential people in your market

· Ecommerce sites selling products to the market

· Affiliate offers through Commission Junction, Click bank and Share-A-Sale

While these are rules of thumb, you still have a viable market even if you don’t have an active forum or keywords generating more than 30,000 searches. Of course, the more criteria met, the higher are the chances of your market succeeding.

2-Selecting a traffic source

With Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn working to sell you targeted traffic, and your search engine optimization agency sending you targeted traffic you don’t actually have a traffic problem. However you have to learn to measure the worth of this traffic and how you can extract the traffic’s maximum immediate value and drive prospects to the CVO funnel.

This is possible by mastering a single and steady traffic source after which you can add a second and third traffic source. The options you have include social advertising like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., email marketing, SEO, organic social media, blogging and banner advertising. They may cost money, but only those who spend money to acquire customers wins.

3- Providing a Lead Magnet

Start concentrating on the Lead Magnet after driving visitors to the CVO funnel. Lead Magnets are irresistible bribes which you offer to prospects for their contact information, and are usually the first transaction you have with them where money changes hands.

Lead Magnets have great value and are offered on the squeeze or landing page, optimized to convert cold traffic into leads. It’s not necessary that the landing page be fancy, but it should increase leads. By increasing opt-ins in the Lead Magnet, the remaining system pays you dividends. In fact, you can make more Tripwire offers with the increased Lead Magnet generated leads.

4- Providing a Tripwire

Lead Magnets only help you generate leads and not customers. You need to offer a Tripwire to the leads to make them customers. These Tripwires cost between a dollar to $20 and at times, cost $500 for expensive product and service markets.

These Tripwires provide leads with irresistible offers to help convert them into customers. Suggestions for irresistible Tripwire are selling at cost price or at a loss. Though you can’t make a living selling Tripwire offers, it does help get you a valuable list of buyers.

According to CVO, Tripwires are the most powerful addition for your business, even if you don’t get any profit. They instead help convert maximum Lead Magnets into paying customers. You can thus generate profit through the CVO’s Core Offer, Profit Maximizer and Return Path once you acquire paying customers.

5-Providing a Core Product

Concentrating on increasing a customer’s average transaction value is your next focus after increasing the number of customers. Your Core Product is your flagship product. You achieve nothing offering Core Offers to cold prospects but do see a sales explosion after adding the Lead Magnet and Tripwire offer.

Though the Core Offer sales may or may not rake in profit, you needn’t worry about the CVO process. This is because you can take everything you acquire through the Core Offer and reinvest to get more customers.

Work at getting more customers than your competitors by building a system and spending more time. Though competitors may try to make a living through Core Offers, you don’t have to make a dime from it.

Concentrate more on conversion rate optimization, increasing your value offers and spending more on traffic acquisitions. The additional expenses is worth it. Many international successful businesses too don’t make any profits till they reach the Profit Maximizers and Return Path stages.

6-Providing a Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizers help increase a customer’s average transaction value. In fact, many businesses suffer without Profit Maximizers and Tripwire Offers and end up selling their Core Offers to cold prospects.

McDonald’s thus makes practically nothing through their hamburgers as it’s their Core Offer. They however build arches with their Profit Maximizer, fry and coke. Best Buy too sells laptops and plasma TVs with minimal margin as their Core Offer and compensate through their Profit Maximizers of Greek Squad support, warranties and installation. So look for your own Profit Maximizer like membership sites and clubs which can enhance your Core Offer.

7- Generating the Return Path

Increasing your customers’ number of transactions through strategic and repeated communications help make them buy repeatedly, and is the last method for growing your business. Do this using the contact information you acquire with Lead Magnets.

To achieve this, you can also offer more Lead Magnets, Tripwires, Core Offers and Profit Maximizers. Even email and content marketing, ad retargeting, custom audiences and organic social media help increase transaction frequency and help maintain communication with customers.

Some calculations

With the help of Customer Value Optimization, you can thus increase your customers’ value and build a flourishing business. So if you were now making $200 a day, with CVO, you can make:

· 3 times more customers and thus $600 a day using Lead Magnets and Tripwire offers

· 3 times more profit to earn $1800 a day using Core Offers and Profit Maximizers

· Sell 3 times more time to earn $5400 a day through the Return Path.

The CVO can be used in any business. While a single step can help your business grow, applying all the steps makes you and your business unstoppable.

>> UNCUT ProStyler Theme Review & Exclusive Bonus Strategies
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