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Niche Market Research 101 - Free Tutorial

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Posted 21st October 2009 at 05:28 AM by ivana

Ok, couple of things got me to write this post and one was that I just talked to a person who said, he does not have any skills. (Actually this is second person in the last month) And because of this, he does not know how to do niche market research. Now, there are many others especially new people coming into the industry, who do not know how to do it either so here is the niche formula you can use:

Selecting a Broad Market First

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down all the things you are good at. It does not mater what those are, you might be a good at saving money, you might be a great parent, good at website design, know a lot about weight loss, you might know how to get a great job, or maybe you are good at self motivation! Now, this is the very first part at niche research. And yes, you are looking at the broad market right now.

Please minimize all the browsers you have opened right now, and just write out the list of things you are good at! Once you are done come back here!

Narrow a Niche

Ok the second step is to narrow that broad market into narrow niche market! You need a niche of people who have problems. Now if you selected your broad industry to be "employment industry", you need to join few forums. So only niche forums where people are looking for jobs. You want to know what their issues are.

You will find forums by typing in "job + forum" or "employment + forum"

Now I just scanned few of them and realized that there are few things discussed a lot:

"Writing a Killer Resume"
"Getting a Call Back"
"Nailing the Interview"

These are all major issues for this group of people. Now, I just looked at the clickbank to see if there are any products selling in this industry. And I found plenty so I know people are spending money on it!

Setting Up Landing Page

This is something people struggle with. And you have two choices here! You can send the traffic to the squeeze page, so you can build a list of subscribers OR you can send the traffic to the sales page. This is very simple. No matter which option you choose that landing page or squeeze page has to be their solution!

For example! Now in my example above, the free guide would be "10 Ultimate Strategies to Writing a KILLER Resume" or if it is the landing page such as sales page you can provide the review site of top 3 "job getting products". I am a list builder and it is 10 times easier for me to build a list, than sell to a complete stranger!

People are scared of building their list, and they should not be. You see! List building is a simple process and can be all put on the autopilot if you do it the right way. The "technical" part runs the autopilot campaign for you, you just have to set it up! And Niche Marketing Camp is giving a free tutorial on setting up the technical part.

Further more, the above niche market research example, is the easiest you can do, but of course this is not the only one. There are many methods, however, this one works very well and you can have it set up in less than 8 hours. After all it needs is driving traffic to it!
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    This was a helpful tutorial on some very basic steps in locating a niche. I liked your list-building idea.
    Posted 7th November 2009 at 03:13 PM by diverdown diverdown is offline

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