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Posted 26th June 2009 at 11:20 AM by jwhagarty

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Hi everyone.

This is going to sound like a bit of a rant but a couple of recent events have me concerned about the future of our country. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I love my life, don’t have to answer to a boss, and am in active pursuit of living my dreams. Part of the journey for me is being able to connect with like-minded people, and helping everyone who wants to understand that they can become financially free.

As you may have noticed from earlier blog posts I am a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki’s work, and enjoy playing and learning from his board game Cashflow 101. We recently started playing at the country club, where I encourage anyone within a reasonable shouting distance to join in the game and learn how to Escape the Rat Race. I firmly believe that anyone who wants to can Escape the Rat Race and become financially free. Its not necessarily easy to do this, but anyone who wants to can do it. Period.

We live in the Land of Opportunity which is why in spite of the political climate, global events, or the state of the economy, people continue to flock to the USA.

Last night we were playing Cashflow101 and our favorite waitress was checking on us. Before we started the game she told Amanda and I how she wasn’t meant to be there that night for whatever reason. So we invited her to join us in playing the game that teaches you how to Escape the Rat Race. Her response was “oh I’ll never get out of the rat race.” Later on during the game she wandered through, and we again extended the offer, and she again stated without hesitation that she will never get out of the rat race. This is what is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy folks.

This morning I got an email from one of my blog readers who was expressing interest in our Daba Cashflow Solutions website. He expressed the typical concerns about being scammed, losing money, etc. and included this line that really gave me pause: “I really am fed up, but don’t really want to try for another full-time job until I’m sure this financial freedom thing isn’t for me.“ This has me really concerned.

Why would anyone who lives in the USA ever think that financial freedom is not for them? Why would a grown hard working woman with good command of the English language be so convinced that she will never escape the rat race?!

This is the USA. The Land of Opportunity.


What happens is our school system, our parents, our peers, the Television, all train us to be Employees. That’s ok as far as it goes, because without Employees most businesses wouldn’t exist either. But as the economic events of the last year or so have shown us, being an Employee is only going to get you so far. Your job security, your livelihood, the food on your table, the roof over your head, all become dependent on someone else (the Boss).

Becoming financially free means waking up. You have to scrub your brain of the employee mentality, the entitlement mentality that has been all you’ve known your entire life. It doesn’t happen over night, but it can happen, and it all starts with a choice.

Its kind of like The Matrix right? I’ve been fighting against making this comparison but its a pop culture reference that most of us understand. You can keep living the fantasy of the employee, trade hours for dollars, buy more doodads, live paycheck to paycheck, get time off for good behavior, a gold watch at retirement, and stay plugged into The Matrix while the Machines (Bosses) harvest your energy.

OR you can WAKE UP and face the cold, hard, beautiful reality and start living the life of your dreams.

The choice is yours.

Have fun, and good luck!
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