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Offline Wealth Part II

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Posted 6th August 2008 at 03:17 PM by Keith Boisvert

So you are still contemplating ways to make money targeting small businesses. Good, it’s always prudent to sit back and find new and exciting ways to make more money and add some residual cash to your account.

Here is just another way to accomplish this without much more effort…

Develop some smaller industry specific niche sites in your city. For example,,, etc. You get the idea there.

Now, do these in wordpress and use the same theme for all, just changing the header a bit to reflect the industry you are targetting. As you create each site, link to the others you have created.

In each site, write a few posts that have plenty of keywords (no stuffing) and is related to your site. For example, dentistry. Take and write a few articles about dentistry. Make them relevant, maybe something along the helpful side, like preventing tooth decay, gum maintenance etc.

Make sure after you have 3-5 posts you go to some social bookmarking sites like and and tag your blog.

Now design a form letter you can use amongst the different sites you created so that you just have to change the site name and industry. Within a few days with minimal effort your site should be on page one for the specific keywords or phrases you determined are searched.

Make a “page” on each site about advertising. Set up some ad pricing and packages people can sign up for. A business can get a one/two page site on the blog, links, rotating banner ads etc. Use your imagination.

Send out your form letter to all of the businesses in each specific field of business you created sites for showing them the site(maybe screenshots?) and also show them your search results! Make sure to give them multiple ways to get ahold of you (email, phone) and offer to set up an appointment. It wouldn’t hurt to have a paypal button on an order page on your site as well they could use.

The great thing here is that the ones that sign up for maybe a premium package also get banner ads created…that you can cross promote on the other sites! So someone could be browsing the, and see ads rotating from another one of your sites, say, So the biz owners get ultimate exposure.

Anyway, take this info and do what you like, it’s just a thought process I thought I would share.
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