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Musings, mumblings and meditations on business, life, internet marketing, web life, and everything else in between.

Insights, advice, suggestion, etc, gleaned from learnings, experiences, falls, laughter, pain, melancholy, happiness, poignancy, and every other shade of emotion that it is possible for a human being to experience.

No promise to post everyday (there may, in fact, be a hiatus of many moons between posts) but I promise that when I do post, the words will be mine, and the insights will be mine, although in a world where learning is ever inter-related, one cannot really tell when others' ideas end and one's own begin.
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A Simple Plan Of Attack

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Posted 17th June 2009 at 09:59 PM by kennethtang

Instead of buying systems/programs/etc, spend a few bucks on The War Room membership and read Allen's "Private Posts" report. It's been some time since it came out but the ideas in it are still very workable. I've seen fellow Warriors successfully launch and run full-fledged web businesses based on one single idea in that report.

Get some ideas percolating, then decide on one -- and just one. Whatever you end up deciding, whether to create your own product or promote an affiliate product, consider going the paid-advertising route. Instead of wasting time (since you don't have much left) "trickling in" traffic from article-marketing and other free-traffic methods, spend your time in testing various traffic/advertising sources.

When you find one that pulls, increase your ad spend in that source. Then go on and find another source. You don't actually have to test them one at a time, but if you do test them simultaneously, be sure to track them.

In the War Room. Under the "My Ideas, Strategies And Plans" section, you'll find some recommendations for good advertising media you can test.

So here's your plan of attack:

  1. Join the War Room
  2. Read Private Posts
  3. Decide on a project
  4. Get the product made (or choose the affiliate product to promote)
  5. Do an "ad blast" and track the results
  6. Increase your ad spend on the "pullers"
  7. Keep on testing and backing the winners for the next 6 months
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