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No promise to post everyday (there may, in fact, be a hiatus of many moons between posts) but I promise that when I do post, the words will be mine, and the insights will be mine, although in a world where learning is ever inter-related, one cannot really tell when others' ideas end and one's own begin.
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The Secret To High Performance

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Posted 16th June 2009 at 06:41 AM by kennethtang

I spent the last 20 years of my working life as a martial arts/sports instructor back home - 10 of those years as head coach of an elite squad of high-performing athletes.

The skills that those guys know are essentially the same as the average weekend-warrior.

I mean a kick is a kick is a kick, right?

So what separates the high-performance athlete from the three-times-a-week warrior?


Yes, conditioning, in all its various forms: physical conditioning, technical conditioning, tactical conditioning, mental conditioning, etc.


Take a roundhouse kick.

The part-timer goes to class maybe twice or three times a week. Part of that time in the class may be spent on training the roundhouse kick, among other things...

The top athlete on the other hand may spend an entire two-hour session just working on the roundhouse kick.

First, a few hundred kicks at the focus pad. Then a couple more hundred on the power pad.

Then another couple hundred more on the heavy bag.

Then, as active rest, the coach gets him to do a couple dozens of in-the-air light kicks.

Then it's on to partner work, where they drill the kick in application (called simulation drills). They put on sparring pads. The partner attacks full force and full speed. The athlete counters at the same time (in what is called a time-hit). B-A-M!

Partner kicks, athlete counters. B-A-M!


A hundred times. Two hundred. Three hundred.

And that's just one two-hour session.

They do two sessions per day, six days a week. Next week, they might move to something else, but they'll be maintaining the training on the roundhouse kick for, say, two days per week.

And when they compete, when they "see" that roundhouse kick coming (or simply because the opponent is in range), B-A-M! Out comes that roundhouse kick.

That's conditioning.

And that's the secret to high-performance. Do it long enough in "real operating" conditions and you'll develop subtle, unique distinctions about sparring and everything related to winning.

And THAT'S how you get to be a champion.

And THAT'S how you train to be a champion marketer.

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