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How to Get Traffic to Your Website

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Posted 4th May 2013 at 07:57 PM by kindsvater

This post is about a concept and not specific methods of getting traffic - although methods are discussed. If you understand the concept then you can apply it to get traffic.

What is Traffic Anyway?

"Traffic" is people who may be interested in buying your product, clicking on your affiliate link, or reading your content and clicking an AdSense link.

To be more specific, traffic is eyeballs. You want eyeballs on your material.

To be even more specific, these are eyeballs that are somewhere else and you want to move those eyeballs to your site.

For instance: your eyeballs on currently at the Warrior Forum. If I wanted to move some of the eyeballs reading this post to my WSO about how to get others to write articles for you for free - which you can turnaround and sell - then I would include a link like this one.

That is how it works. Your eyeballs are here - I got in front of your eyeballs - and made a pitch to get your eyeballs to view my cool product offer.

How Traffic Works and What SEO Really is

Traffic works by getting your "pitch" in front of someone's eyeballs.

To do that you need to know where their eyeballs are.

For example, if a person wants to buy a new toaster where would their eyeballs be?

Their eyeballs might be on Google where they are doing toaster searches. That is why Google SEO or AdWords PPC is important - that is where eyeballs are and we want to get in front of those eyeballs to create traffic to our site.

Other eyeballs are on Bing and Yahoo also doing searches. So we want to do SEO for Bing for the same reason. (Yahoo's search results are provided by Bing.)

We can either do the same SEO optimization on a page to get in front of Bing searches as we do for Google, or we can have a second page or website targeted just for Bing.

Remember - Bing does not have a zillion slaps like Panda, Penguin, kissing Matt Cutt's feet, etc. So you could optimize a site targeting Bing that violates Google's guidelines, because you are not targeting Google with that site. Any traffic from Google would be a bonus.

Where else are their eyeballs looking for toasters?


If you have not been on Facebook lately check it out. There is now a search bar at the top of page. When you enter a search term there are two types of results given to you.

First, Facebook returns pages on Facebook for your search. Hmmm. Doesn't that mean you should be creating fan pages for products?!

Since search engines index Facebook fan pages, this gives you another opportunity to get search engine traffic.

Second, after any Facebook pages FB returns search results from Bing. Hmmm. Another reason to specifically target Bing.

Last night I was looking at specific results and noticing that Facebook was returning about 15 results from Bing to a page. Bing itself was only listing 8 search results.

This means a #11, second page listing on Bing is a first page listing on Facebook. That second page listing just became more valuable.

Where else are their eyballs?

If someone is searching for toasters they may have directly gone to Amazon. Hmmm. Maybe you should have a detailed guide to buying toasters. This could be a free guide available in the Kindle format.

Now, when someone visits Amazon and searches for toasters, they may end up reading your guide. That guide is likely to have links that can make you money, such as a link to your website where more pictures and a video of the toaster can be seen - and where you have an affiliate link.

Where else might there be eyeballs?

On forums, where people ask questions about toasters. You can create a Google alert to immediately let you know when a phrase appears on the Internet.

I answer many discussions using this method, or making useful comments to blog posts.

Someone asks a question using a phrase I have a Google alert for, I get the alert, and now I can quickly go and create an account and join in the discussion. On forums my sig will magically have an incredibly relevant link for the discussion. I may even include a link to my site in my response.

Where else are eyeballs?

If someone has downloaded certain toolbars, with PPV you can pop up an whenever they visit certain relevant web pages about toasters, or do a search for toasters.

There may be advertising opportunities, such as using AdWords to display ads on AdSense sites about toasters.

Do You Understand the Traffic Concept Now?

The issue is simply getting in front of eyeballs.

For your particular niche, brainstorm where those eyeballs may be, and how you can get in front of those eyeballs to create traffic to your site.

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