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Beware of Hidden Marketing Loopholes

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Posted 8th October 2016 at 09:50 AM by Mark-Dickenson

Back when I first started out, I was
making small product based sites
based on the product name...

And then proceeded to do SEO on
those sites until they ranked high.

It worked. I started making sales on my
hair loss products, my colon cleansers etc.

This was back in 2009-2011. My family still
gets a kick out of the fact I was making a living
slingin' colon cleansers.

Anyhow, little did I know, my business was based on a
not-so-obvious loophole. You see, I was able
to "outsmart" the search engines...

But only for a short time.

I'll never forget the day in late February 2011
when I woke up to check my rankings for my
keywords(something all SEO's do)
and saw that my top ranking site
was now ranked #32.

A 2k passive income stream gone down the tubes overnight.

Point being, there are obvious
marketing loopholes out there
that you can exploit for short term gain...and not so obvious ones.

The not so obvious ones are when you depend soley on a single
platform like Facebook, Bing, Google, Youtube etc
for your business.

They can shut you down or change the game at the drop of a hat
and you are out of business.

The solution to this is Evergreen marketing.

I define Evergreen marketing as building an asset
that other people will want to promote for you.

You see, there is no way for the solo marketer to master
every traffic source out there.

There simply isn't enough time in the day...
nevermind the fact most don't have the money
to play with to do that.

The only way for the little guy(and gal) to succeed
is to use leverage assets.

This way, you let other people worry about
figuring out all of the algorithm changes
and send you the traffic instead of the other
way around.

It is simply a smarter way to do things.

You can learn how here:

-Mark Dickenson
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