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Here is a 5 word question that will explode your responsiveness

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Posted 19th January 2017 at 10:23 AM by martbost

In its simplest form, this 5 word question can boost your response,
and outsell your competition, without the shameless over
promising were subjected to every day by not so savvy marketers.

Heres the question:

What Are We Really Selling?

Thats the question you need to ask every time you
  • Write copy
  • Create a product
  • Sell a product/service
  • Write your headline
  • Writing an AD

So, what are you really selling?

You are not selling a weight loss product.

You are selling a healthier, sexier, energized body.

You are not selling a make money online product.

You are selling a better life free from debt, struggles,
worries, and the freedom to live a much more enriched life.

You are not selling grass seed.

You are selling a greener lawn.

Whenever youre marketing your product (or someone elses) always
ask yourself this question

What Am I Really Selling?

This little tip alone is sure to generate you a much, much higher

Lets look at an example:

Remember when Ford cars dominated the market?

No one could even hope to compete.

Not a chance.

Henry Ford had a now famous quote/phrase which stated
"You can have any color car you want, as long as its black"
So, keeping with our 5 wordquestion

Upcoming hopefuls asked

What Are We Really Selling?

What if we changed our answer from transportation to style?

No longer do we have to compete.

You see

They simply focused their message and opened up a whole new
market for people who wanted to be different who wanted to
have their automobile be an expression of their own personal

In much the same way Apple didnt try to compete with
Microsoft in the personal computer market.

You have to ask the question

What Are We Really Selling? (What Am I Really Selling?)

When the question is answered, possibilities become endless.

Your product doesnt need to change.

Refocus your message.

Intention facilitates perception.

Have a fantastic day my friend.


By the way, my 5 page funnel system teaches you
how to earn a consistent income online.
When I ask myself What am I really selling?

Im selling you a bullshit-free way to finally get your ass onto
the right path to success.

Im selling you a system that eradicates the guesswork, sticks
two big fat fingers up at the assholes who peddle junk and

Im giving you the picture of the puzzle before you start putting
the pieces together and

Im also helping you put the jigsaw together and you know what?

Im a damn good puzzle putogetherer.

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