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How to Repurpose your Content Wisely

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Posted 11th June 2010 at 09:54 PM by mattlaclear

Regardless of your chosen business model, content is likely your biggest time and planning investment. It makes sense to re-purpose your content strategically. By planning how you’re going to use, and reuse, each piece of content you create you maximize your return on investment. It’s good business sense!

Here are __ ways to re-purpose your content wisely.

#1 The most common use of content re-purposing is to rewrite articles for article marketing purposes.

Article rewriting, when managed strategically, can result in up to five different versions of the same article. Each can be published on an independent article marketing site. And the original can be published on your website or blog. Make sure each version still retains the keywords you need to optimize for search engines.

#2 Rewrite long articles or reports into blog posts. Long articles and reports can be segmented into smaller bite sized blog posts. Blog posts tend to be a bit more personal – aimed at branding your personality. This can be accomplished by adding an anecdote and/or changing the language a bit to make the post original and serve its purpose.

#3 Compile blog post and articles and create a comprehensive and valuable report. To make the report feel original and valuable you’ll want to add some new touches including transitions between articles so the piece feels seamless. You’ll also need an introduction and a conclusion and you can fill any gaps with new information and content.

#4 Re-purpose blog posts, articles and reports for auto responders/newsletters. Following up with your opt-in list is essential to keep them interested and motivate purchases. This is easily accomplished by pulling key paragraphs and points out of articles and reports and using them to create auto responder messages. Auto responders don’t need to be long, 200-250 words are often sufficient to provide a nice amount of valuable information and link to your website.

#5 Ebooks. Reports and articles can be combined to offer a valuable information product. Just like creating reports in #3 you can create ebooks by collecting content and organizing it in a logical and effective manner. Sell it or give it away as a bonus, lead generator or viral product.
Whether you’ve written the content, outsourced it, purchased PLR or a combination of all three, it makes good business sense to make the most of your investment. And you can use PLR and a ghost writer to fill in the gaps when you’re creating reports and ebooks. Additionally, you can hire a virtual assistant or a writer to re-purpose content.

Content re-purposing is more than a way to fill in the gaps when you're on vacation or when you're struggling to come up with original content. Re-purposing your content makes good financial sense too. With each piece of content you create or have created for you, think ahead. Plan how you’re going to maximize the content and reuse it strategically.

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